Meeting Her for The First Time? Never Flaunt These Things to Avoid Rejection

When you are going to meet her for the first time for a very important relationship like marriage, then most of us feel jittery and end up saying something that plays negative role in the selection process. When you meet someone for the first time you should always be a little bit cautious about whatever you say. Be selective about the things and words you choose to discuss the things. It is very important to say right things on right time to make your impression. But, you will turn off the girl if you will say something which she would not be able to relate with or exaggerate things and events. At times to impress someone you said something that goes against you. As a thumb rule to woo your lady love it is important to be natural and realistic in your approach. To make your journey easy, we are here sharing some things which you should flaunt in your first meeting.


Never show-off about your lifestyle: This is something which you should always keep in mind while meeting a girl. She is meeting you because her parents must have already told her about you and your family. She must be pretty aware of your lifestyle and standard. So, in such a situation flaunting about how you party with your friends, or kind of clothes you wear generally might irked her.

Avoid blaring about your friends: Most of the guys tend you to tell a lot of stories and things about his friend and how cool his friends are. Always remember that she is here to meet you, to know about you as person not about your friends and what they are. She might be more interested in knowing about what you feel about things, about your liking, disliking and other things, rather than you prank with your friends or how you guys drive your car. All this might be good to discuss with her on the second or third meeting when you are short of other important topics to discuss. Don’t waste this opportunity by faulting something which is not that important.

Don’t pretend to be Mr. Perfect: This is true that girls got attracted towards those who are well dressed or who are well behaved, but always keep this in mind that she is smart enough to figure out where you are faking. Pretending to be Mr. Perfect might give her an impression that you are trying to fool her with this attitude. This is such an important relationship where there is no scope and space for faking something. Be yourself, show what you are, rather than pretending something in front of her.

Don’t showoff about your knowledge: It might be you are topper of your batch or you must have topped in your university. But, this is not the right time to showoff this. It might be you are well versed with thousands different topics, it doesn’t mean that you will flaunt your knowledge and make her feel that you are too smart for her.

Unmatched sense of humor: There is no doubt that girls do like guys with good sense of humor, but it doesn’t mean that you will crack some kinky or cheap jokes. A good sense of humor is always a good add on, but cracking poor jokes might also give her a negative feel. Girls like guys who can make them laugh, but at the same time they know the difference between a good sense of humor and faking it.

Extraordinary career graph: You are earning a hefty pay packing in one of the fortune companies. Your career graph is very extraordinary and you have all the potentials to be the top-notch professional, but it doesn’t mean that you flaunt this like anything. Self-respect for whatever you do professionally is good attitude, but degrading other’s profession and thinking that only you are doing great work is counted as bad attitude. Always give respect to other’s achievement and profession. It is very important to look at others with same respect and dignity to make your impression. She is not your professional rival, but future life partner, so always give her due respect, which is a very basic thing for any relationship. Arora matrimony site provides grooms and brides profiles for wedding. Register Now and start your partner search with Aadhaar verified profiles.

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5 Breathtaking Honeymoon Destinations to Visit in September

When you start exploring for your honeymoon destination, you should never forget the weather part while planning for it. September or autumn is the best time to plan your honeymoon. During this time weather is too romantic and perfect for your honeymoon. To spend some candid moments with your partner you should look for a place that will provide you everything for your honeymoon. Here, we are sharing some perfect honeymoon destinations you can visit in the month of September.

Honeymoon-Destinations India

Srinagar: Srinagar offers you unmatched beauty and is considered a perfect honeymoon destination for newlyweds. This magically beautiful destination offers you sparkling Dal Lake, scenic Himalayan ranges, stunning valleys, and vibrant flower across the valley in the autumn. While visiting this place don’t forget to take a romantic ride at shikara while watching gorgeous sunset with your spouse. Spend some romantic time with your spouse while enjoying the ride in shikara. You can also explore the floating market of the place, which will be a totally new experience for you. Don’t forget to visit the Shalimar Bagh and Dachigam National Park. The beautiful greenery and colorful flowers make this place the first choice for all those who are looking for a picture perfect place for their honeymoon. The best time to visit this place is September to November.

Nainital: It is one of the most popular and sought after honeymoon destinations. It is very popular among youth. September is generally off season month and considered as less crowded as compared to peak season months. This place will offer you a more peaceful and lovely moments, which you need on your honeymoon because of off season. For all those newlyweds who need some solace place to enjoy some romantic moments in the company of each-other is first choice for their honeymoon. Moreover, the lake view is awesome and makes it more perfect because it is well surrounded with hills and greenery. Don’t forget to take a ride to the nearby places. Boating at Naini Lake is a must experience things while visiting this place. Enjoy some mouthwatering dishes and enjoy shopping at Tibetan Market. The place is well connected with Kathgodam railway station, which is just 35KM from Nainital. You can easily get a taxi to this place, besides you can also take state buses and Volvo to reach this beautiful honeymoon destination.

Dalhousie: Dalhousie is a must visit destination if you are looking for a destination that offers you scenic beauty, a perfect weather and some cozy moments to spend with your partner. Dalhousie looks so perfect and marvelous during this weather. The sparking rivers, Himalayan ranges and unmatched view makes it most romantic for newlyweds. This place uplifts your mood for an ultimate romantic plunge. If you want to add some pinch of adventure in your romantic honeymoon, then don’t forget to go for trekking till Dhayankund and a safari in Kalatop wildlife sanctuary and overnight camping in Ganji Pahari.

Shilong: If you are looking for some lonely and romantic place, then Shilong is just a perfect choice for you. This place is immensely cozy and comforting for your honeymoon. The hill station looks really dreamy in rainy season and hills and lakes glitter with changing season. You can feel the freshness and sparkle in the hill station. Enjoy the sunshine with your partner. It gives you ample scope to spend some most romantic moments with your partner. While visiting this place enjoy boating and kayaking, trekking up to the peaks of hills to see the awesome view of the city. Don’t forget to indulge in local cuisine and spending some quality time by the marvelous waterfalls.

Ziro: If you are looking for not so popular, but extremely romantic and beautiful location, then this is just right for your honeymoon. Ziro is in Arunachal Pradesh and known as one of the most beautiful places to visit in this state. It is a small piece of heaven on earth. It has been a favorite town for World Heritage Site for a number of years now. The pine forest, rustic mountains and lush greenery makes this place a treat for eyes. This is one of the most divine and unconventional places for your honeymoon. If you are planning to visit this gorgeous place, plan your visit to this place between 21st-24th September to enjoy the Ziro Music Festival that includes live performances, rock bands and individual performances. Gujarati matrimonial services give wedding profiles of grooms and brides. Check for matrimony profiles for suitable life partner.

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Enjoy the Perks of Marrying the Emotional Girl, They Are the Best Partner

Does your lady love cry while watching movies? Does she hold you tight when she saw some emotional scene in the movie? She thinks about everyone around, about their feeling and comfort as well. People call her emotional because of her caring nature and concern for everyone. She thinks ten thousand things in a second if she heard something wrong. She doesn’t mind crying in front of you and her friends if she is going through some emotionally down moments. Being emotional is not a negative and bad thing. You should not feel bad because she feels about things more emotionally compared to others. Besides, you should feel happy and blessed that that you are with someone who has a wonderful heart and compassionate about things. They are a perfect partner because they are upfront about their feeling, emotions and thoughts. Here, we are sharing some thoughts to boost this idea why emotional partner are better than others.

Marriage Partners

Hiding their feeling is not meant for them: They are very open and upfront with their emotions and feelings. Hiding their feelings and emotions is not meant for them. They don’t like to hide their feelings or emotions in front of people, whatever they feel or think they just tell you this upfront. What they want from their partner? What she feels about you, she doesn’t mind to tell this to her partner. She is always very open and clear about her emotions and emotional requirements.

They feel from their heart: Such people don’t believe choosing their mind over their emotions. Whatever they do for you as gesture of love and concern is just from their heart. They don’t mix their emotions with their logical thoughts. If she bought a gift for you, then be assure that she must have invested a lot of time and emotions to finalized a perfect one for you. She always wants to make everything according to your plans and liking for you. You stand first and above everything in her life.

Emotions are more important: For such a kind of females emotions are more important and prized possessions. Whenever she will talk about her past and memories, she will always recall her best and happy moments with you. She easily feels nostalgic about things and feels emotionally about situations and moments.

Positive attitude about life: She is more positive about life and things in life. She is fighter and always has a positive attitude towards life. Whatever she does, she put her heart in it and want to achieve it. She fights for her emotions and always stands for things in life. She is always an emotional support and has positive attitude towards things.

She is caring: She is very thoughtful and caring. If you share and tell something to her she will always be there as emotional support. Whenever you need someone to by your side and want to feel emotionally secured, she is the right person who can prove to be perfect emotional life support for you.

She doesn’t mix things: She doesn’t want to mix things with emotions. She is just perfect is differentiating between the emotional things and professional life. She put her heart in emotions and never mixes her logical attitude with emotions. For her emotions are higher than logical reasoning and she will never ask you any question doubting your emotions.

She is a perfect listener: If you want to share something with her, she is just the perfect partner. She will never doubt your emotions and sentiments. She will be a perfect listener and she will always be there as a listener if you want to share something with her. She will never question your emotions, thoughts and circumstances if you will share something with her. West Bengal matrimony portal gives grooms and brides profiles for marriage. Search your Aadhaar verified matches.

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6 Things You Hate Listening Being A Girl In Marriageable Age

If you are in a marriageable age and your parents are looking for a groom for you, then you must be facing end number questions every time you meet him or his family for arranged marriage. Everyone asks you various questions some are intelligent, some are wicked and there are some which irritates you like anything. You don’t like replying to all such questions and you just feel irritated. But, still you have to face all such things because you are supposed to be well-mannered and polite because you are there in the marriage market and you can depreciate your value by relying brutally to such irrelevant questions. After listening some illogical and irrelevant questions you feel like escaping from that marriage meeting encounter. If you have not faced such questions then you are lucky enough, but if you are going through the same, then you can easily connect with below mentioned things. Let’s take a look at six deadly questions which you hate listening being a girl in marriageable age.

Girl Bride for Marriage

Do you know cooking? This is one question which topped the chart of Q and A session. Most of the girls must have faced and encounter this question at least once when they meet someone for arranged marriage. Either groom’s mother, sister or any female from his family will surely ask this question. Are you marrying her because she is a good cook or you will say no just because she doesn’t know how to cook? If she is equally qualified and intelligent, then focusing on the cooking skills is not really a great thing. You want a girl to be intelligent, working and a good cook.

Take care of your skin: Your skin is looking too dull and tanned, don’t you take care of your skin. You are looking one or two shade darker than your photograph. Why don’t you try some beauty products or some home remedies to improve your skin tone? There are pimples and spots on your face which does not look good. Do you really want to improve your skin tone to marry someone?

You are looking fat: Are you eating too much junk food? You have gained a lot of weight in last a few months. All the families and even guys want a girl who is slim and looks like a glam diva. The size of the body increases or decreases the changes of getting selected in arranged marriage. If you are fat there are chances that you will face many rejections. In such a situation, the whole family will be behind your life and will ask you to shed some kilos to get A+ in the marriage selection exam.

Do you believe in God? Believing in God or praying to God is someone’s personal choice and you can’t make a decision based on such a thing. If someone is praying to God every day, it is not her character certificate. If you are doing pooja every day and making a lots of noise during your prayer session then only you are sanskari else if you are not doing this, then you are not at all marriageable.

Do you have any boyfriend? Why are you rejecting everyone? Do you have a boyfriend? Who is the one with whom you are talking over the phone? If you are talking with your office colleague over the phone frequently, then there must be something going on. Now, we want you to get married soon before you bring someone home and introduce him as our future son-in-law.

Do you go for a haircut frequently? You have very beautiful hairs, very shiny and of good texture. They have completed all the study on your hairs the moment they saw you. Long lustrous hairs are considered only beautiful. If you love to experiment with your looks and go for hair cut frequently, then it will not be considered good after marriage.  If you will go for a haircut after marriage as well, it will be considered as crime. We liked your long hairs and this is one of the reasons of saying YES to you for marriage. This is really silly, girls should have all the right to decide whether they want to go for a haircut or they want to have long hairs. Khatri matrimony site gives marriage resumes of brides and grooms. Find your life partner Aadhaar matchmakings.

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10 Secrets Revealed What an Indian Man Wants in His Wife

To enjoy your married life and to make it blossoming you want to do a lot of things to please your husband or wife. As a wife, you always put efforts to make your relationship more happy and successful. But, you always want to know what will make him happy and what he wants from you. If you too are confused and still not able to figure out what he wants from you, we are here revealing 10 secrets an Indian man wants in his wife.

Indian Husband Wife

  1. All men want their wife to be bold and smart. They want someone who can handle everything at her level. Nowadays, men prefer their lady love to be independent and smart.
  2. A man wants his wife to be caring and loving like his mother, who all time will take care of each and everything for him. But, still he wants his wife to love like a girlfriend. She knows how to make him feel that love, but she also takes care of everything and pampers him.
  3. A man wants his wife to be a super chef. She must know how to cook food, make his favorite coffee, tea or his favorite food. She can cook everything he likes.
  4. Nowadays, a man wants his wife to be modern and traditional at the same time. He wants a wife to be modern who can carry western dresses comfortably, but at the same time will look graceful in saree as well.
  5. All Indian males desire for wife to be multitasking or with a magical wand. She can cook, clean, wash dishes and can open the door for vendor at the same time. She should do many things with a smile on her face.
  6. This is 21st century and they want a wife who is well-educated and career oriented. Most of the males want a wife to be professionally ambitious yet homely.
  7. She should always follow the family traditions and rituals. She should know everything about our Indian traditions and family rituals like his mother.
  8. They want someone who will not stop them from meeting their friends and enjoy late night parties with friends, who is understanding and mature enough.
  9. A man wants his wife to be mentally strong and mature, who will not come to him for every small thing and seek his help in solving the issue.
  10. He wants his wife to give him enough space and freedom to enjoy his “Me” time the way he wants. Gujarati matrimony site gives marriage profiles of grooms and brides. Find for your Aadhaar verified matchmaking profiles.

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Experience The True Colors Of Life, Visit Rajasthan On Your Honeymoon

Rajasthan, a magnificent state famous for its unmatched culture, glittering sand, marvelous palaces. This is one of the most beautiful and diverse states of India. Finalizing a honeymoon destination is a tricky affair and it becomes more complicated if you don’t want to visit the typical destination such as beaches and hill stations. Rajasthan is one such destination which you can’t miss if you are planning your honeymoon. If you are looking for a destination, which is not surrounded with hills and valleys, then Rajasthan is a must visit destination for you. This gorgeous destination offers you everything which you look forward in a honeymoon destination. We are here sharing the key destinations of Rajasthan to visit on your honeymoon to make it really mesmerizing.

Rajasthan Honeymoon Tour

Udaipur: This natural heritage place is full of rich culture, beautiful Aravalli Mountains and unmatched beauty of this place makes it most spectacular honeymoon destination for newly wedded couples. It is among the most sought after honeymoon destinations of Rajasthan. While enjoying your honeymoon at this beautiful destination you can also visit Pichola Lake, City Palace. Monsoon Palace and Moti Magri or Gulabh Bagh. It is a perfect choice for all those couples who wish to visit a destination, which is very much exquisite and royal.

Mount Abu: Honeymoon trip to a hill-station is one of the most common choices of all newly wedded couples. Mount Abu is the only hill station in Rajasthan which attracts many tourists from neighboring states. Even it is one of the biggest attraction points for all international tourists who visit Rajasthan. The lush green Aravalli mountains range and Nakki Lake makes this place just divine and paradise for all visitors.

Jaipur:  Jaipur is popularly known as Pink City of Rajasthan. It is very much famous for its lavish palaces and ambiences. It is one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations for newly wedded couples. Here, you can experience the true colors of Rajasthani food, culture and lifestyle. You can choose this destination for your honeymoon if you want to give it a royal touch. If you are in this pink paradise then you can’t miss visiting Hawa Mahal, City Palace and Amer Palace.

Bikaner: This beautiful place is famous for camel rides and its cultural heritage. It offers a lot to the honeymoon couples. You can experience the excitement of camel ride. Couples also get the opportunity to explore this gorgeous city, which has numerous popular places to visit such as Junagarh fort, Lalgarh palace and Purana Bazaar.

Ranthambore: If you want to give some adventurous twist to your honeymoon, visit Ranthambore in Rajasthan. It is famous for wildlife and natural beauty. If you don’t want to visit the sunny beaches or hills, this is the best choice for you. Go adventurous and wild on your honeymoon and visit Ranthambore National Park. You can easily spot flying foxes, monkeys, deer, wild cats and leopards in this national park. Besides, you can also plan a visit to the nearby Ranthambore Fort, Surwal Lake and Raj Bagh to add more fun in your honeymoon. Rajasthan matrimonial website give online wedding profiles of grooms and brides in India. Search for Aadhaar verified matchmaking profiles.

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Things All Youngsters Do While Dating Someone Before Marriage

When you are in courtship period it is the best phase of your life. You enjoy a lot of things and love to spend great time with your partner. You want to spend every minute in his/her company and you want to hide this from everyone, even from your family and parents as well. You do various things to hide this from your parents that you are meeting him/her on every second day. Therefore, in such a situation where you love to be with your life partner and you don’t want to disclose this to your parents then you do various things to find a middle way to make them happy and keeping yourself happy.

Dating Couple Before Marriage

Locking phone: You use a unique phone lock to protect your phone from easy access. Either you use different combinations or numbers or something else to create your unique phone lock that can’t be easily predicted. Even you don’t tell your phone lock combination to your sibling. Even you hide chat alerts as well to avoid being noticed by family members.

Fixing a place with nil possibility to be caught: While you plan to go out somewhere on a date, you always want to choose a place very consciously to avoid being caught. You don’t want that you will be seen with him/her by anyone from the family or even by anyone known to you and your family.

Never saying yes to night date: Being a girl you always avoid and say no to night dates. It is one thing which you always avoid in your courtship period as you don’t want to give a long excuse or justification to your parents to get the permission for night date. As most of the Indian families don’t allow their girls to go for night parties or dinner. So to avoid any stressful situation you never say yes to night dates and always want to reach home on your usual time.

Saving the name on your friend’s name: ‘A friend in need is friend indeed’, this saying is very apt when it comes to saving the name of your partner in your phone book to avoid any kind of issues. You save his/her name on the same of your best friends with a twist like an emoticon at the end or something which will be a differentiator for you, but can’t be predicted by someone else.

Ask to drop randomly: If he/she insists you to drop near to your home, you always ask him/her to drop you at least 2-3km away from your home or randomly close to your home from where you prefer to walk down to your home or to take another mode of transport to reach home.

Not planning out station trips: You avoid planning out station trips as you don’t want to get into any problem or argument in the future. As you need to tell them who else will be going, you will be sharing room with whom, etc., therefore you just avoid planning out station trips. If any mishappening will take place, it will be difficult for you to give justification of your act. So, this is one thing which you don’t do even though you die for it. Brahmin matrimonial services gives profiles of brides and grooms for wedding. Check thousands for matrimony resumes for suitable life partner.

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