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Woman’s Safety is the Responsibility of Men

Woman is best beautiful creation of the God. She is the sweet for the human being to live in the world. So we should sincerely think about the safety of the God’s best gift to the earth. Everyone in the … Continue reading

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Honeymoon Tour with Your Married Partner

Wedding with your dream partner in the life is most respected time for every person to own heart. Love is the essential part of the marriage to roll out the happy family period of joy. Woman is soft in nature, … Continue reading

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Married Life is Important than Professional Career

People are become more responsible after their wedding with starting new family. In this situation we can create valuable things to remember the social strategy. One person has to coordinate with his or her spouse for better understanding each other. … Continue reading

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Guru Nanak Jayanti Celebration by Sikh Community

Guru Nanak is known as the first Guru of Sikh community who practice the Sikhism religion. The birthday of Guru Nanak Saheb is celebrated as the Guru Nanak Jayanti which is most sacred festival of Sikh. This is also known … Continue reading

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Indian Girl Marriage with a Telugu Groom

Telugu people are normally belonging to the Andhra Pradesh, Telengana and some parts in the south India. The people whose mother tongue is Telugu mostly based in their home states, surrounding states, major cities in India and world. It is … Continue reading

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