Woman’s Safety is the Responsibility of Men

Woman is best beautiful creation of the God. She is the sweet for the human being to live in the world. So we should sincerely think about the safety of the God’s best gift to the earth. Everyone in the social circle has the special reaction with more additional decision making to the quality of the life. Woman has the greater role the all the position of the society to contribute accordingly. Getting very formal style of the respect to the girls can be good impact on the present system in town of the nation.

Look at positive capacity for the situation which impact to the life of the woman in her various stage of the life. As sweet daughter she enjoys the love of her parents and family members. She is the future of the national building who can give the better education to value of the profession. Better education, quality health, safe environment can be solution of the higher living standard. Girl’s education should be most priority for a nation to build up balance between the communities. All the structure of the family started with better understanding can create more valuable life to all the members.

Safety of woman

After marriage of the woman, she became more responsible to manage the house hold matter of her new family. This time she needs the help from her husband to support on the decision making of the personal and profession situation. As a mother to her own child she feels the cover of the body to protect the baby. This is the great sense of the human nature which bonds the mother and her child for the lifetime. To bring more impact on the social justice to create valuable gift to the child’s career building in long future.

Woman safe is the responsibility of the husband, brother, father and every man in the society. It will improve the quality life style of the woman, mother and girl child of family. Ensure the best security of the woman to prepare the great future of their life. This should a universal impact to the human which can be the solution of the better targeted impact. As the impact we think it will great help to improve of quality standard of the ladies to the social life. On the basis of the woman you can be sure for safe world for peace.

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