Wedding of Marathi Brides with Indian Tradition

India is the society of different cultures and traditions which show the beautiful diversity of the nation. Out them the people from the Maharashtra state are called Marathi. The special culture and tradition of the Maharashtra is widely celebrated among the people of Marathi language. This is very great culture of which attracts most of the people across India to exchange the cultures. Mumbai is capital city of the Maharashtra state which is also the financial capital of India. Bollywood Hindi film industry and television industry are established in Mumbai city. So the state includes people from all over the world living and doing professional works. Here are traditions of the Marathi marriage ceremony.

Pre marriage rituals: In the Maharashtrain wedding the ‘Sakhar Puda’ ceremony is arranged at initial tradition which knows as the engagement. The bride to be is provided with new Sari and sweets by her husband’s family. Then ‘Kelvan’ ceremony is observed at bride and groom house separately. This is a Puja of the Kuldevta and reception for the relatives. Next is ‘Haldi ceremony’, here turmeric paste covered to bride and groom by friends which is also called as ‘Halad Chadavane’. After that ‘Simant puja’ means the groom come to the bride’s house and her parents offers gift after washing the groom’s feet with water.

Marathi Marriage

On the wedding day, silk shawl Antarpat separates the bride and the groom on the ceremony. The bride comes with her maternal uncle to the dias for ‘Mangalashtakas’ rituals. Next the shawl is removed from their face. Now for the first time the bride and groom can see each other to exchange garlands of marriage. Here they are showered with rice and flowers by their parent-in-laws. The new couple officially requests their parents to give permission for the wedding which known as ‘Sankalp ceremony’. Next the parents of bride offer their daughter to the groom to perform the ‘Kanyadaan ritual’ of the marriage. Then the Mangalsutra is tied on bride’s neck by her groom and vermillion on her head. The bride put sandalwood Tilak on her husband’s forehead. The ‘Saptapadhi’ ritual with Vivah Homa, they move seven rounds circular to the sacred fire. Finally the bride’s father prays the God to bless wedlock of the bride and groom known as ‘Karmasampati’ ritual.

After marriage ceremony, the groom’s mother welcomes the new couple at the groom’s house and washes their feet with milk. It is known as ‘Grihapravesh’ and traditional ‘Aarti’ is done by the mother. Now the new bride is asked to enter home by knocking glass of rice at the door entrance of house with their first step on right foot. The grand reception party is arranged where delicious foods are served for the guests, relatives and friends.

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