Marriage is Social Referring to Future of Bride

Marriage is the social relation between a man and woman special bond. The relation has greater role in the building of family as husband and wife. This is reference of the begging of new family to create bond of wedding. The bond ties the husband, wife, kids and their parents with social family relation to live with prosperity. Arrangement of wedding for bride or groom is most important for successful marriage life. So everyone should give priority to find a suitable life partner as best friend. Then the wedding relation can be achieved with great extend though out the life.

A girl’s life depends upon her education, health, professional career and social status. The education part is given by her parents, whereas she needs to work hard to get better professional job. Health of woman is always the part of the lifestyle which should come greater extend. Social status of the woman is depends upon her own parent before marriage. Her parent’s responsibility is to find out suitable husband for her to get married. After the marriage, she has strong relation with her husband and parent-in-law family. This is the actual life common woman to balance the social relation with her own parental family and her husband’s family.

Indian Bride

The bride-to-be is going to her new husband’s home after marriage. So the social relation of bride with her in-laws will be her daily life. Her husband’s responsibly is to provide social status to wife. New bride has more roles in the family running with her husband with reference to tradition. She needs to maintain the balance with family life and professional job as well. Woman empowerment of the society is the indication of proper responsibility to better social life of the human in the state.

The future of the woman is important as reference to her marriage. The social status of family of her in-laws will be major to run the day to day life with her husband. New bride has more new roles suddenly which is implemented with the social relation. She needs to be careful with professional career and social life which run along with same time. As a mother to her kids she will be taking care education, health, foods etc. She is home maker with coordination with her husband. Success of the woman is most success for the family as well as the nation.

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