Bengali Bride for Marriage in Eastern States of India

The people with Bengali as their native language or associated with Bengali culture are referred as Bengali people. These people are mostly living in India and Bangladesh. These people are staying in states of West Bengal, Tripura, Assam and Odisha of Eastern parts of India. Bengali communities are well established in countries Japan, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Singapore and the United States. Bengali marriage has traditional with regards to the Hindu religion. In the past days, wedding is arranged by friends or relatives of the bride and groom families. Now days, matchmaking are arranged by the matrimony services, wedding agents. After match the wedding is fixed by the parents with mutual coordination.

Bengali Bride

Bengali Wedding Traditions

The main four steps of marriage are Gaye Holud for the bride and groom, the Beeye and the Bou Bhaat. On the first engagement ceremony the groom presents the wedding ring to her bride which is also known as ‘Ashirwaad’.


The auspicious day is selected to welcome both the bride and groom where the elders give blessing by sprinkling rice on their heads. This is the acceptance of the parents of both sides for marriage. On the ‘Gaye Holud’ function, the married women put grind turmeric on the bride and groom on their respective homes. Next ‘Dodhi Mongol’ ceremony on the wedding day where 7 married ladies adorn red and white colour bangles on the bride’s hands and offered curd rice meal.

Marriage Day

The people from the groom’s house visit to the bride’s house for wedding which is known as ‘Bor Jatri or Barat’. After the groom family reaches the bride’s house, the mother of bride welcome the groom by showing the holy Lamp, sprinkling rice which placed on ‘Kula’ (bamboo winnow).


This is farewell ‘Bidaay’ of the bride with blessings of her parents for new life. Also the groom’s family arranges the welcome ceremony of newly wed bride to her new home. Here the bride dips her feet on plate within milk and ‘Alta’ before entering to the house.

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