Telugu Wedding – Vivaham Veduka Ceremony with Tradition

The community of Telugu family and people who are mainly living in Telengana and Andhra Pradesh states of India. Telugu language second-most spoken language in India after the Hindi. The people with origin of Telugu as mother tongue are refereed as Telugu people. This vibrant culture communities are present in the all the cities in India and world as well. The Telugu people consider wedding or Vivaham as strongest social bonds which spiritually connect two souls for new family life ‘Gruhastaashramam’. Telugu wedding ceremony ‘Vivaham Veduka’ is the traditional marriage ceremony for new husband and wife.
The Telugu wedding is completed by seven pledges after by the bride and groom completed seven circles around a sacred fire with Panchabhutaalu (5 essential elements of life). These are Akaasham (Sky), Agni (Fire), Bhumi (Earth), Neeru (Water) and Vaayuvu (air). This marriage function are arranged at Kalyana Mandapam with flower decoration and mango leaves in the stage. The traditional musical instrument ‘Nadasvaram’ or Shehnai is also part of the Telugu marriage. People choose temple for wedding in presence of God. Then after the newly married husband and his wife take blessing from the both their parents for new start of family life.

Telugu Wedding - marriage of Telegu couple
Here the various steps of Telugu marriage ceremony.

Before Wedding
Nischitartham or engagement, both bride and groom’s families meet officially for rituals to make the engagement.
Snatakam or bath graduate which usually by the groom before taking new family responsibilities. The groom will be stopped by the brother of bride requesting to assume the responsibility family marriage.
Wedding Day Ceremony
Mangala Snanam, where the both bride and groom are take auspicious bath to purify before perform sacred rites of wedding.
Aarti, the family members pray for happy life of the bride and groom to be granted the wisdom by performing Aarti.
Ganesha and Gowri pooja, the bride performs the Gauri Puja.
Kanyadanam, the bride’s father hands over their daughter’s responsibility to the groom.
Panigrahanam, ther groom holds the left hand of his bride.
Mangalasutra Dharana, the groom tying the Mangalasutram around his bride’s neck.
Akshitalu ceremony, both groom and bride exchange the flower garlands.
Saptapadi, the groom and bride round seven circles around the fire where the bride’s Sari pallu is tied with the groom’s scarf.
Appagintalu, traditionally at end of the marriage the bride is handed over to the groom’s family.
So there is famous Telugu saying as ‘marriage is supposed to be a family union and not an individual formality’.
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