Marathi Marriage Ritual Ceremony in Maharashtra

The people with Marathi speaking as their mother tongue in Maharashtra state and region are known as Marathi people. These people are widely presence in the neighbouring states of Karanataka, Madhya Pradesh and Goa. Also present in the various states of India and parts of the world. Marati population are widely presence with business, education, technology sector for various industries.

Marathi wedding, both the bride and groom search their suitable partner. Then after the Purohits or Pandit matches their horoscope for marriage rituals. The Maharashtrian marriage are generally starts in the morning on auspicious date of the wedding. Here are traditional customs of Marathi people which considered as the important rituals of Maharashtra marriage.

Rituals Before Wedding 

Sakhar Puda ritual – This is initial ritual of Maharashtrain marriage which called as the engagement ceremony. The groom’s family offer a sari and sugar (Sakhar) or sweets packet to the bride. Then both the couple exchange their engagement rings.

Kelvan ritual – Special prayer is performed in the bride and the groom’s houses separately. This Puja is a prayers to their family Goddess (kuldevta). Also family lunch is organised for this.

Halad Chadavane – This Haldi (Turmeric) ceremony is organized by also every regional marriages in India. The turmeric paste is applied on face, hands and body of both bride and groom which takes place before the wedding day.

Seemaan Puja – Seemaan Puja is done after the groom reaches the marriage venue with Barrat or wedding procession. Next the groom given gift and blessing after washing his feet by bride’s parents.

Marathi Marriage - Maharashtra wedding

Rituals on Wedding Day

On the wedding day starts with Lord Ganapati Puja. Maternal uncles of bride take her to the Lagna Mandap, where the ‘Mangalashtakas’ are recited. Both bride and the groom wear the Mundavalya on their heads with string of flowers.

Antarpat ritual – The bride and groom are supposed not to see each other on the wedding day. There is silk shawl placed to separate them.

Sankalp ritual – The holy verses are recited on the wedding place, both the bride and groom can see each for the first time. Here family members shower Akshata (unbroken rice) on the heads couple where they exchange garlands of flower.

Kanyadan ritual – Most important ritual when the father of bride gives his daughter’s hand to the groom’s hand. Next the groom ties a Mangalsutra on his bride’s neck and applies Sindoor (vermilion) on her hair parting of forehead. Then bride applies Sandalwood Tikka on groom’s forehead.

Satapadhi ritual – The both bride and groom makes seven rounds circle the sacred fire by remembering the seven holy vows of wedding. Then the bride has to touch her right foot to seven small heaps of rice.

Karmasampati ritual – The father of bride prays for God’s blessings along with newly married couple. There is a grand lunch party for the guests after the wedding ceremony completed.

Rituals After Wedding

Grihapravesh (Entering Home) is next ritual after wedding where the newly married couple are welcomed by groom’s mother. The bride is entering the house for first time. The mother cleans their feet with water and milk. Traditional Aarti is performed for bride to enter the house by kicks a Kalash of rice at door of home. And the both the couple step into the house with their right foot.

Varat ritual – Marriage ceremonies are finished, the bride farewell with a tearful bid to her parents and family home.

Wedding reception – The new bride enters her new house. So the groom’s family arrange a wedding reception to welcome their the new family member to house. matrimonial services India provides online services for brides and groom candidates searching and match making.


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