Punjabi Wedding Rituals of Sikh Brides and Grooms

Punjabi people are native Indian origins speaks Punjabi language with Hindi as other way of communication. Punjabi is mostly spoken in India, Pakistan, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and Australia. The Punjabi culture is growing due to the popularity of Bollywood films. The Punjabi people are widely living in the Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajashtan states of India.

Punjabi Marriage

Punjabi marriages are mostly traditional ceremonies which shows the culture of Punjab. They are popular for grand ceremony with quite fun. Weddings are includes Bhangras and Giddas as traditional Punjabi folk dances. Special wedding occasion has more rituals performed before and after the marriage ceremony. The Punjabi brides and grooms are traditional values for their culture of the marriage.

Rituals Before Wedding

Roka Ceremony – It is pre engagement which involves sweets, gifts exchange.

Sagan ritual – It is arranged at banquet hall or the groom’s house. Bride’s father offers gifts and sweets after applies Tilak on the groom’s forehead.

Sagai Ceremony – Before one week of marriage the Sagai ritual is held. Bride’s family members visits the groom’s house with gifts. Bride’s father applies the Tika mark to the groom’s forehead and give him blessings. The bride come by draped with Chunni on her head and presented with jewellery after the exchange of rings.

Sangeet ceremony – Before wedding, the Sangeet function held with female friends and members of family dance and sing for the bride and bridesmaids.

Mehandi ceremony – Just before wedding, groom’s sister and brother-in-law visit to bride’s house with Mehndi (Henna). This Mehandi is applied on bride’s hands and feet. Mehndi is sent by her future Mother in Law which designed beautifully.

Wedding Day Rituals

Before the wedding, the bride is given red and white bangles to wear by her maternal uncle. This is called the Chuda ceremony. In Ghara Ghardoli, the bride and the groom bathe with the water brought from the Gurudwara. On the main wedding day, a flower veil is tied on the groom’s forehead, after which he sits on the horse. These are called Sehrabandi & Ghodi Chadna rituals. On reaching the wedding venue, the bride and the groom exchange garlands. This is known as Varmala ceremony. After this, they are taken to the mandap, where the father of the bride performs Kanyadaan. This is followed by Mangalpheras in front of the sacred fire.

Milni (Introductions) – Sikh wedding ‘Ardas’ is performed by the prist in charge of Sikh scriptures and formal of introduce elder family members. Both eldest uncles of bride and groom exchange flowers garlands. Bride’s family give good luck gift or ‘Shagun’ to groom’s family.

Jaimala(Varmala) – Both the groom and bride in middling circle where family members are standing around them. They exchange flowers garland to accept each other and will love and live together. Muhurat or auspicious time is selection to perform the marriage ceremony.

Kanyadaan ritual – Bride’s father gives Holi ring on groom’s finger and gives his daughter’s hand to him. Both take seven Pheras around sacred fire ‘Agni’. Now groom applies vermilion ‘Sindoor’ to the bride’s hair partition of head. Groom ties a Mangalsutra to his bride’s neck. The newly married couple get blessing by touching the feet of elder members of family for happy married life.

Joota Chupai – Hiding the groom’s shoes by his sisters-in-laws by stealing for fun tradition. The girls demand a amount of gift to return the shoes. The groom give gold jewellery to bride’s sisters to take the shoes.

Rituals After Wedding

Doli Vidaai Ceremony – After marriage, the bride leaves for her parental house and throws back handful of puffed rice over head to mark the departure. Now the girl make goodbye to her parents and her family.

Welcome of Bride – After reaching the groom’s house, the boy’s mother performs the traditional Aarti at entrance door. The bride must step in with her right foot and kick the mustard oil which kept on the both sides of entrance door. She then offer puja with her husband in their room and touch the feet of the parents. The rest of the evening is spent playing traditional games. Grand reception party is arranged by the groom’s family give a warm welcome to newly wedding couple.

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