Holi Festival of Colour in India with Lovely Culture

Holi festival is the festival of colours in India celebrated in the spring. This Hindu festival is popular among the all the religion and communities India and across the world. Also it is national festival of Nepal and Indian origin people living around globe. This festival is spreading to the USA, Canada in North America and UK, France, Germany in Europe continent as spring festival celebration of love and colours. Holi is an official holiday in India which falls on 24 March 2016. According to the Hindu calendar, this festival comes on the “Phalguna Purnima” which falls on arrival of spring season.

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Origin of Holi Celebration

The celebration of Holi festival started with a Holika bonfire, one day before Holi. Devotees gather in one place for dance, singing and party together. It is celebration as victory of good over evil. On the next day morning, people play Holi festival of colours with throwing water and dry colour powder. People visit to their friend’s home to play Holi colours and exchange sweets and drinks. As per Mythology says, “Holika” was the evil sister of the king “Hiranyakashipu” who killed on the same day of Holi festival. It is celebration love colors of Goddess Radha for the Lord Krishna in Mathura and Brundan in Uttar Pradesh. Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha playful Holi is remembered as Holi festival of love among the devotees of Krishna.

Holi Colours to Play

Normally, people play with organic colour pigments with party drinks in their family and friends. Special foods and regional delicacies on festival are cooked in India as per the region. Organic colour like turmeric and Kumkum were used in ancient times for play Holi festival. In modern days, people use various types of colours available in the market with playing drums, dance and music for enjoyment in festival. In the afternoon, people clean up their coloured body and enjoy in the water pool. Holi is observed as social harmony festival among all the religion in India. This festival is time when people forget and forgive to repair broken friendship and thanksgiving for a good harvest of farming.

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