5 Things to Avoid in Relationship during Rio Olympic 2016

Rio Olympics 2016 is about to see its inaugural ceremony on 5th August, 2016. Are you ready with your plans, which game are you going to follow in this Rio Olympics? All men must be really excited to follow their favourite games, whereas all women must be eager to follow their favourite sports stars in this great event of fun, excitement and thrill. Are you going to make some changes in your daily plans or you will just follow the games and updates on your smart phones. But, here are some important things which you should seriously avoid if you are in a relationship:

Rio Olympics 2016

Avoid using your smartphones all the time: If you are glued with your smartphones all the time and want to check each and every update on your smartphone during this Rio Olympic, then get ready to face the side-effects as well. So try to check it whenever you feel really important or avoid this if you are with your better half or your partner.

Don’t sit too much in front of TV: This is another big issue which most of us face during any important game. We just sit in front of TV without realizing that we are missing other important activating or our regular chit-chat session with our family or loved ones.

Avoid night outs to watch games in restaurants: The craze to watch games on big screens with your friends and family is taking high note nowadays. Most of the people want to do the same to enjoy and have fun. If it’s for the finals or any big match then it is good, but if you are going to do this in the whole series of games then think once again.

Skip indulging too much into junk food: While watching the games we all love to munch something, but take a watch at what are you munching during these big games?  So, avoid eating junk food to stay fit and healthy as your favourite sports star.

Don’t party harder after every win: This is one thing, which most of us do if your favourite team or athlete wins. So, partying harder with your friends after every win can affect your relationship with your partner as he or she might not like that.

Check your spending’s: Don’t spend too much during the Olympics as these are going to last for few days, but can create a big hole in your monthly budget if you spend too or beyond your budget.


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