Krishna Janmasthami Celebration, Make it Special

Shri Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated in the country with enthusiasm and fervor. In northern India and some parts of Western India it is celebrated with high spirit. The day is remembered to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna. The devotees and disciples of Krishna make colorful Jhula in the home or temple and decorate with flowers and lights. In some parts of the country, this special day is being celebrated by organizing the Ras Lila and Dahi Handi. Devotees of the Lord Krishna perform various dance and dramatic episodes from various religious books depicting the life of Krishna. To make this Janmasthami special and memorable you can also do some special preparation. Here are some simple tips to celebrate Janmasthami with your family to make it memorable.

Prepare and decorate a small Jhula

This is one of the most important rituals of Krishna Janmasthami. You can buy small Jhula from market and decorate it. These small jhulas are available in different sizes and colors. You can decorate these jhulas with flowers and lights or with other decorative pieces to make it beautiful. You can also buy small idols of different lords and Gokulvasi which are easily available in the market to give it a very ethnic touch.

Dhahi Handi Celebration

This is another important event of Krishna Janmasthami. People in various part of India such as Mathura, Vrindavan, Gujarat and Maharashtra, etc. It is being celebrated to showcase the playful side of Lord Krishna, wherein he used to break the pot of curd and butter, which is kept at the height. However, this tradition and ritual become a major event and celebrated with full spirit. You can also create a Dhahi Handi event in your neighborhood or you can also do that with kids of your family at your terrace to make it more playful and interesting event for whole family.

Krishna Janmashtami 1

Prepare Sweets and Special Feast

As a tradition people do fasting on this day. To make it memorable you can also make some special sweets with milk, butter and dry fruits, which you and your family liked. You can prepare sweets according to your family’s preferences. Those who are fasting break the fast after midnight and some break this fast next day in the morning. So, you can prepare special meal for your family as those who are fasting are supposed to have just one meal in the whole day.

Perform Puja with Family

Krishna Janmasthami pooja is very important. It requires special items to perform the pooja. You are required to buy new clothes for Lord Krishna, his Bansuri, crown and ornaments as well. You also need a pooja ki thali, which must consists some special things such as bell, diya, rice, caradamom, betel nut, betel leaves, mauli, sindoor, flowers and some garlands.

This Krishna Janmasthami has its own significance and importance. Mathura, Dwaraka and Varindavan have their own importance and relevance in the birth and childhood of the Lord Krishna. It is not just celebrated in the India, but it is also being celebrated by ISKCON in USA and other parts of the world. You can find the devotees of Lord Krishna across the world chanting the famous slogan, “Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna”.

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