5 Amazing Mehndi Night Ideas for Perfect Party

Marriage in Indian is not a single day celebration. The wedding celebration lasts for almost 4-5 days. The whole family and friends are involved in it and everyone wants to make it memorable. A perfect mehndi night party is one of the important celebrations of wedding. Generally, the mehndi night is organized by bride’s family but now they also call grooms family on this function as well. The bride and all ladies of the family make mehndi designs on their hands and feet. Nowadays, special mehndi artists are called to perform the create special heena designs. But, this is not just about creating beautiful deigns on hands and feet , but the day is very important as this is a pre-wedding night and the whole family want to enjoy this night to the fullest. So, it becomes more important to make this affair perfect and memorable. Here are five amazing mehndi night ideas for perfect party.

mehndi 2


  1. Book a party hall or special place: If your house is not that spacious to accommodate more people or there is no enough space for partying, then you can book a party hall or some special place for organizing this mehndi night party.
  2. Take care of decoration: It is very important to decorate the place well. A good decoration adds lots of volume to the event. Choose the right color combination and theme for the party. You can go for theme based decoration or you can also go for floral decoration depending upon the season and your taste.
  3. Create a stage to add spark: You should go for a different stage set-up for mehndi work. You can choose some traditional themes for stage decoration as you can add some multi-color lanterns and small diyas or lamps near the stage to add spark. You can select colorful themes or you can also go for some floral decoration for the stage. Try ethnic seating arrangements or low floor seating arrangements with lots of cushions and pillows to make it comfortable for all.
  4. Some refreshing drinks and snacks: Your guests need some refreshing drinks and snacks, so add different drinks and snacks stations. You can add special tea or coffee stall for your guests. If you don’t want to go for the full course meal, you can go for some starters and some mouthwatering snacks to make it refreshing and light.
  5. Good music arrangement and dance floor: Good music can make the whole event more live and add life to the whole event. You can organize a good DJ night or you can also go for some special dance performances by your guests and family members to make it more memorable.


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