What a Man is Looking Forward in His Wife?

Marriage is not just about meeting someone, sharing your interest or you like his or her appearances and say yes for the marriage. But, now the trend has changed and people are looking for an understanding partner who will give them space and independence too. People have different aspirations and so do they have different expectations from their life partner. They don’t just look for someone who can cook meal for him and his family or who can take care of his house, but now men are looking for more traits and thinking beyond the stereotype expectations. Here is the list of six qualities, which inspires a man to choose a girl as his life partner.



  1. Understand and shares his beliefs: When it comes to marriage, now most of the men prefer a girl who should understand them well and share the common beliefs. Your potential wife should share the common beliefs and think on the same level as you do. It is not necessary that she agrees with you all the time, but it is important that she should understand your point.
  2. She should be ambitious: These days, men just don’t look for a girl who is well cultured, well behaved or can be a good cook, rather, they want a wife who is equally ambitious about things and life. However, this is not high on their list, but still men want a girl who is enough ambitious and determined towards her career and future.
  3. Appreciate and accept his financial status: As an educated and conscious woman you must be aware of his financial status and other belongings. Therefore, a man expects that his wife will appreciate and happily accept this financial status. Men don’t want a girl who will complain about his choice of career or financial status.
  4. 100% trustworthy: Men want their wife to be 100% trustworthy. They want that you will keep his secrets and will not share that with anyone. You will remain reliable and will not share things without his consent even to his family and friends.
  5. Smart and intelligent: Gone are the days, when men just look for a girl to be beautiful only, rather, nowadays men look for other things too. This is high on their wish list, where they want their wife to smart and intelligent enough to understand and manage things at her level.
  6. Self-dependent and responsible: In present fast-paced life, people want a life partner who is at equal level and self-dependent as well. Nobody has enough time to take care of each and everything all the time. Presently, men want their wife to be self-dependent and responsible enough to handle most of the things at their level. She should be able to manage home, finance and her office well if she is working too.


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