6 Special Gifts for Your Husband’s Birthday

When it comes to buy a gift for the love of your life, it is not easy and simple to decide. It is really challenging to decide and choose a gift to make his day exceptional and memorable. All the wives are always interested and excited about celebrating their husband’s birthday as compared to husbands. As a wife you always think about making the day perfect for him and make him realize that you love him so much and he is the one who is really important for you. This is your chance to show your love. It is not always necessary to buy an expensive gift to show your love, but by making small gestures you can show your love to him and can make it really awesome. There are so many things, which you can do and plan as wife for him. So, here we are sharing some interesting gifting ideas to show your husband how much you love and care for him by making his birthday really special.

Birthday Gifts for Husband


  1. Personalized video and photos: Birthday is the best day to remember the good times, old friends and your college days. So, you can create a personalized video or photos to surprise him. You can edit some old videos and photos and combine some special moments together to make it more impressive. This is a good option to make it more interesting. You can also use his college day’s photos or school day’s photos or any video if you find it as interesting wedding gift.
  2. Plan out a romantic dinner: Make your day most romantic by planning a candle light dinner with him. You can book a table for candle light dinner in his favorite restaurant. You can also go for some other good place as well or you can explore some new place and book a table there. There are various options available, which you can explore and try for making that day special. If the restaurant has terrace area then, you can also book a table there and have dinner in open air under starlit sky to give a romantic touch.
  3. His wish list: This is another thing you can do on his birthday. If you are aware about his wish list then you can buy a gift, which he really want to have or if you don’t have any clue about his wish list, then you can ask him directly or in-directly to fulfill his wish on his birthday.
  4. By some gadget for him: If you know that he wants some gadget such as a smart phone, tablet, laptop or a digital watch, which can help him in managing his appointments and time well. So, buy his favorite gadget on his birthday to surprise him.
  5. For health and fitness: With increased office responsibilities and busy schedule, it might be he is not able to follow a good health routine. But, this is the time when you can do something special for him by gifting him something for maintaining in health and fitness. You can gift him good jogging shoes, some fitness equipment like treadmill, home gym equipment kit, etc. you can also gift him any gym’s membership card with annual or bi-annual subscription.
  6. Invite his best buddies for surprise party: You can plan a surprise party for him on his birthday. You can invite his best buddies on his birthday without telling him to add the excitement. Decorate your home with flowers and balloons and order a nice cake, arrange and organize everything before he arrives home. Prepare his favorite food or order his favorite food from his favorite restaurant.

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