Ready for Arranged Marriage? Some Must Ask Questions for Your First Meeting

It is really not simple to choose your life partner when you are going for an arranged marriage. Being a girl it is more difficult to decide and make your decision. Every girl wants a life partner who will love her and make her feel special all the time. So, if you are also looking for a guy who will make you feel special and understand you as well in arranged marriage then you need to be a little more cautious while making your final decision. Meeting someone first time and taking the most important decision of your life can make you nervous. The most important part of wedding is your first meeting because in arranged marriage most of the people make their decisions based on their first meeting. Therefore, it becomes more important that you ask more relevant and important questions and try to understand the person well. Here are some important questions that a girl should ask to a guy in their first meeting.




Are you ready for marriage?: When you are meeting a guy for the very first time, it is really important to ask is he ready for the marriage or he is taking this decision under pressure. If he is not ready for the marriage, then you will not be happy with him as he must not be ready for this big responsibility.

What are his career goals and future plans?: When you get married, you have to take care of many responsibilities including all financial matters. Therefore, it is really necessary that a guy should be financially independent and organized. So, he can plan for all big and small expenses in life and take care of all financial responsibilities with ease. You should ask him about his career goals and future plans to understand his career path. It will also help in understanding how ambitious he is about his career. His career ambitions will directly affect your future as well as your financial status.

Is he comfortable with career oriented partner? If you are working women, then it might be that you will not like to leave your job after marriage as well. In such a situation, a conservative family will not allow you to work after marriage and prove disastrous with a lot of restrictions. However, there are many men who are very supportive when it comes to career of their life partner, but you need to be sure about this. You should ask this question in first meeting itself. So, before saying ‘yes’ you need to think about all possible situations.

You responsibilities towards his family: When you are meeting him first time, it is not really possible that you will be able to know everything about him and his nature, but at least you should know that what are his expectations from his life partner? It is good that you ask him politely about his expectations from his life partner towards him and his family. This might also give you a clue whether they are conservative or open-minded.

Is he comfortable with you taking responsibility of your parents?:  All the girls want to be close to their parents even after marriage as well. When you want to stay connected with your parents, then it is really important that your husband should also understand your point. In such situation, support and understanding are the two major qualities, which you should look forward in your life partner. Try to know his views and make sure that he will respect your parents and your responsibilities towards them after marriage.

Does he want to relocate after marriage?: Nowadays, there is no assurance that you will stay in the same city for forever. It is not us, but our jobs that decide our location. So, if you want to stay in the same city or place where you are residing, then tell about your preferences in advance. In many situations, the guy might be staying in a different city and the parents are in other city, but sooner or later he decides to shift with his parents. Therefore, in that situation, are you ready to relocate or move to a different city with your husband after marriage. matrimony portal provides online arrange marriage services for Indian brides and grooms. Get register for your suitable life partner Now!


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