6 Things to Remember While Buying Your Wedding Shoes

When it comes to buying a pair of shoes for your wedding most of us doesn’t give much attention to it. Everyone has a different view when it comes to wedding shopping.  We don’t mind spending good money on our wedding dress, makeup and buying the matching accessories, but generally we don’t want to spend good amount on our wedding shoes. Some people don’t mind to spend a good amount to buy a matching pair of footwear, but some people want to spend less on their wedding footwear. It is your wedding day, so everything should look perfect. But, while picking up a pair of shoes there are many do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind. If you will pick a pair of shoe that is uncomfortable or downright painful, it will spoil your day. Read this article to find out things you should remember while buying your wedding shoes.


You are going it wear for whole day: While buying any wedding shoes you should always remember that you are going to wear your shoes for the whole day or even if not for whole day, but at least for 10-12 hours. In such a situation, the footwear should be comfortable. You are supposed to walk down, stand up for photographs, greet people, and may be dance with them. Wobbling around the heels that are too high will not look good at all. Even having a blister or shoe-bite will make you uncomfortable. So ensure that your wedding shoe should be comfortable.

Go for comfortable heel: It is really important that you should go for a comfortable heel. If you are used to of wearing high heels, then it is absolutely fine that you will buy a horse heel for your wedding day. But, if generally, you don’t wear high heels then avoid buying high-heel shoes for your wedding day. You can go for normal 6c.m. to 7c.m. high-heel shoes as it will not snap your ankle and you can walk down comfortably.  If you are blessed with good height, then we suggest you to stand tall and avoid heels.

Buy strap shoe: While buying the wedding shoe try to buy something with strap. It is good that you will pick the shoe with perfect and comfortable heel with strap. It will ensure that your shoe will not fly-off from your feet any time.  If you are planning to buy a high-heel shoe for your wedding day then try to find out something with strap to ensure the comfort and safety.

Choose a special pair for the Big Day: Don’t go for the normal looking simple shoes even if your dress is too long, and people will hardly get a chance to at look your feet. Your shoe should complement your wedding dress. Try to buy some beautiful wedding shoe. Wedding footwear should be elegant, classic and modern too to match the mood of the occasion. So, choose the right kind of shoe which will go well with your wedding dress.

Do some window shopping: Before buying your wedding shoe do some window shopping. Shop around and try different brands and stores to get the right one. It will also give you an idea about the latest trend, fashion and about the price range as well. If you are not too high on shoe budget, then it will help you to save some cost, at times shopping around can help in getting the best deal.

Don’t forget to buy a spare pair of shoe: While buying the wedding shoe don’t forget to buy a spare pair for your wedding day. To skip any odd situation, buy a pair of spare shoe for the wedding day in case if you face any uncomfortable situation. Try to buy another pair more comfortable one to ensure that in situation of blister, shoe-bite and other issue you can a comfy shoe to ease you.

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