How to Buy Perfect Sherwani for Your Wedding?

The most complicated thing for a groom is to decide upon, what he should wear on his wedding? He should look elegant and at the same time showcase his status and power at the same time. For those important and big moments till the time bride doesn’t enter and steal the attention of the people, he is the one who will catch the fancy of the people and all the eyes will be focused on him only. So, it becomes more important for a groom to pick the right attire for his wedding day. Here are some useful tips to make the right decision while buying your wedding sherwani and impress all guests.



Choose the right color: Before you choose your wedding sherwani, it is good you discuss it with your fiancée. Always keep this mind that you both should compliment each-other on the day to make it special. Your dress should not go other way around and spoil the mood. Your fiancée must have thought about the color-combination about the dress, so you can also take her suggestions to match up with her attire. You can choose any color as rather than just choosing the traditional colors such as cream, white and red. You can select blue, turquoise, maroon, brown, golden, deep purple and any other color depending upon your taste.  Therefore, you can choose any color as bold as you can within your belief.

Make your style:  There are plenty of choices available in the market to choose from for your wedding day. There are many designers available in the market offering cutting-edge sherwanis for perfect groom’s wedding dress. Try out some different styles to discover what suits you best and be sure to pick something which is really nice and elegant. There are plenty of designs available such as traditional sherwani, modern cravat and Indo-western designs. These are worth considering and trying, but makes sure the one you opt for must look elegant and royal.

Perfect Design: A good design can create wonders and make your image. There is wide range of designs available in the market from immersive prints, embossed patterns to various levels of embroidery. Pick a design based on your body type if you are slim, then pick some light colors, but if you are little bulky go for darker prints and shades.  The color is one place which immediately capture gaze, so ensure to get plenty of bling at that area. If you are not going for allover embroidery, in that case try to go for little work on color, sleeves, back and shoulders.

Good material: Don’t hesitate to invest your money in to buy the perfect wedding sherwani. A rich fabric can enhance the beauty of the dress, fabrics like premium silks, cotton silk and velvet are good options to pick to get that rich look. If the dress material is not good than it is not worth going for cool designs, pattern or work because you will never get that grace and look with such materials. Velvet sherwanis are very much in trend, but these are the most expensive ones. Buy a good sherwani in rich material to compliment your fiancée on the big day. Apart from velvet, another hot choice of all time is cotton and silk sherwanis, which impress all.

Fitting of your sherwani: While selecting the sherwani, pay attention to the length as it plays vital role in your overall look. Try both above the knee and below the knee length before you buy one. Try different lengths and patterns in which you feel more comfortable as it is going to a long day, so you should also keep comfort in mind to stay at ease. Before going for the final decision, try it and check whether it needs some alterations or not. Choosing the right sherwani is very important in complimenting each-other through your outfits. matrimony service is a portal for online marriage of Indian brides and grooms. Get Free registration for your matrimonial profile.


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