Tips To Upload the Best Matrimonial Profile Photograph

While creating a matrimonial profile you need to be a little conscious and pay attention to details. Most of us believe that it is really simple and easy to create a matrimonial profile, but it is actually not. It is your face or your first impression on prospective partner. Therefore, it is really important that you update all relevant and correct information. Besides, you should also pay attention to your image section as well. As most of matrimonial websites offer specific section for updating images in your profile registration, so you should utilize this opportunity to the maximum to impress your prospective partner. Here are some simple tips to make your first impression right by updating most suitable images.


  1. Choose the most expressive profile image: Your profile picture is most important and it should be expressive. It should be of good quality, hazy images with poor quality looks grainy. So, you should not post photographs, which are too old or of your school days or college days. Try to upload most recent photographs so that people can easily relate with it.
  2. Add more photographs to enhance your profile visibility: Adding more photographs can increase your profile visibility. You should add maximum photographs in your profile. It is noticed that people with good and maximum profile images receive more responses as compared to those who have added a few or no photographs on their matrimonial profiles.
  3. Update photos showing your overall personality: This is best way to enhance your profile view and credibility. Try to update photographs with your headshot and full view to showcase your overall personality. Different photographs that will show your full personality improve your profile’s credibility.
  4. Add photographs with proper lighting: Proper lighting is really necessary for good photographs, but direct sunlight is not really a good idea. So, normal daylight or light inside the house is sufficient for clicking the image. It is always better that you go for the normal daylight or proper lighting inside the house rather than too much lighting as it will not give that desired effect to your picture.


  1. Upload smiling photograph: While clicking the photographs try different expressions. A great big smile, so a gentle smile or any other look that you think suits you most, you can try that as well. Look at your different photographs to see in which photograph you look more attractive. A smiling face showcases the confidence and makes you look more appealing and pleasing.
  2. Use your smartphone smartly: If you are fully assured that your smart phone will help you to look smarter and help you to take your desired click then maximize the benefits of your smartphone. If you are clicking the photograph using your smartphone, try to download some special apps, which will help you to customize your photograph. These apps have plenty of special features that can help you to make changes in your photograph to increase its beauty.
  3. Use different poses while clicking photographs: It is always good if you will click photographs in different poses. You should use different angles and techniques to click your matrimonial profile photograph. You can take photographs sitting on sofas, chairs or some other angles in which you think you will look slimmer and smarter.
  4. Pay attention to background & surrounding: When you click your profile photograph it is really important that you should always pay attention to the background or surroundings. A good background or surrounding can give great effect to your photo. A rough wall paint, or wall patch, open and too cluttered cupboard or messy table can spoil the effect and impact of your photograph. It can ruin the whole impact of a perfectly clicked image. matrimonial service portal offers online community for marriage brides and grooms. Make your free registration with matrimony profile photo.


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