Great Bridal Make-Up Tips to Look Perfect On Your Wedding Day

When we attend any marriage function, the two most important things that everyone is curious to see is bridal dress and bride’s make up. The bride is the center of attraction in every marriage and all of us want to see the gorgeous bride. We evaluate the beauty of a bride from her attire and make-up. Therefore, on your wedding day it should be perfect and nice. A perfect bridal make up is really important to enhance the beauty of the bride. To look perfect with your bridal make up you need to be a little cautious while choosing and applying the make-up. You need to choose the right make up that will go well with your wedding Saree, lehenga or dress. While going for a bridal make up follow some simple tips to look picture perfect.


Consider climate before using make up: Before applying the make-up consider the climate and weather. If you are getting married in the month of December and January then you can think about some oil based make up as skin gets dry during that time. But, if you are getting married in summer, then it is better if you go for oil free make- up products.

Use premier before make up: When it comes to bridal make up you can’t miss applying premier before your make up. For bridal make up it is important that it should look smooth and clean. Clean and moisturize your face first and then apply premier. It will make your make up go smoother and last for a little longer. You can easily pick a premier based on your skin type as there are plenty of options available based on different skin types.

Apply your foundation with brush or sponge: Most of us did this mistake often applying the foundation with fingers or palm, but this is not the right method of applying it. You should always apply foundation with the help of sponge or brush to give it a complete finishing and touch. There are high chances of bacterial infection when you use your fingers to apply foundation. Even you can also view some patches and uneven surface, when you apply the foundation with fingers. So, to avoid all this it is important that you should use a brush or sponge to apply foundation.

Always put concealer after foundation: The main objective of applying the moisturizer, premier and foundation to cover the spots and imperfection of your skin.So, using it before your foundation could make you look too layered. Therefore, it is important that you should use a different kind of concealer for your eyes. It is better that you use it for your eye rather than your face. It should be very creamy, but not necessarily oily. You can also use different concealer for your eye and face. Even for upper eye and lower side of eye you can also use different concealer.

Use cream blush for perfect make up: A cream based blush will give you a healthy and perfect look. If you want your blush to last longer, you can layer it with a powder based blush. While applying the blush try to place it on the apple of your face and then blend it into your temple.

Use an eyebrow pencil: To complete your wedding make up and give it a perfect look you can’t miss an eyebrow pencil. To thicken your eyebrow and fill the gaps you should always use an eyebrow pencil. It will help in finishing the make-up and completing your looks. The best way to buy a suitable eyebrow pencil is to go for two shared lighter color then your actual eyebrow color.

Go for eye makeup enhancing techniques: Try to use darker eye shadows on the outer eye and lighter shades in the inner side of eyes to highlight the eye make-up. It will make your eyes look brighter, bigger and beautiful. Use a shimmer powder in the inner sides of your eyes. Use a small brush to apply eye shadows in the inner sides of the eye.

Give a curl to your lashes: Curl your eyelashes to make them beautiful and look gorgeous. Use the curler lightly to curl the lashes. Don’t push it too hard or squeeze it.

Use waterproof make up only:  It is a must for your wedding day. Go for a waterproof make up on your wedding day. If you are going to cry while leaving your family behind then it is a must. It will not be washed away with your tears when you cry. It will seal your makeup. Don’t forget to apply a waterproof mascara as well to complete your makeup. If you are using false eye-lashes then use waterproof glue to fix them. matrimony website offers online platform for the unmarried boys and girls to create profile. Register now with your latest updates.


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