You Can’t Miss Packing These Things In Your Honeymoon Luggage While Traveling Abroad

When you start thinking about packing your honeymoon luggage you are not sure what to carry, what not to carry in your luggage. Most of the time, you are not sure and prepared about the packing list. If you pack so many things, you just end up taking care of your stuff and if you take too little in your luggage, then you end up buying a lot of stuff there. Now the question comes, what one should pack in their honeymoon luggage? Don’t make it too difficult and complicated while packing your baggage, rather try to make a list of all necessary stuff or possible necessary stuff before you pack your luggage. Here, we are sharing a list of important things you can’t afford to miss in your honeymoon luggage.

Honeymoon Luggage- Travel baggage.jpg

You must carry the below things in your honeymoon luggage:

Carry your travel ticket: This is one of the most important things you can’t miss while packing your baggage. Keep you travel ticket handy, so that you don’t forget to take it while leaving home.

Passport/visa/driving license: If you are going out of station for your honeymoon, then it is really an important document to carry. Ensure that you are carrying all these important documents with you.

Credit card/s: This is really an important thing to carry if you are going out of station for your honeymoon. It is good that if you carry at least one credit card while traveling abroad. But, make sure that your credit cards will have that feature/tie-up with international banks and brands that it will be accepted there. So, carry only those credit cards, which are easily accepted there.

Hotel reservation confirmation letter: As you are travelling to some international destination, so it is important that you pre-book your hotel before you leave India for your honeymoon. You can’t take a chance of searching a hotel room after reaching the destination, a new city in a different country. Therefore, ensure that you are carrying a hard-copy of hotel reservations confirmation letter with you.

Traveler’s check: While going abroad for your honeymoon, you should always carry a traveler’s cheque. It is a kind of cheque issued by your respective bank, which you can utilize as an alternative to hard currency. It is the safest way to carry currency overseas. Usually, a bank provides security against lost or stolen cheques.

Phone number your doctor: It is good if you carry the phone number of your doctor with you if you are travelling abroad. In case of any medical emergency you can contact your doctor and consult with him/her.

Phone number of Credit Card Company: You should always carry the phone number of your credit card company as if in case you lost your card or your card is stolen, then you can contact them and ask them to block your card. It is really important that you carry phone number of customer support or your home branch if you are travelling abroad.

Prescribed medicine: If you are on some kinds of medication, then don’t forget to carry your prescribed medicines with you. It might be that you will not be able to get the medicines there. So carry all the important medicines with you to avoid any medical emergency.

Camera: Travelling without camera is not recommended. It is always good to capture sweet memories and what could be sweeter than capturing your honeymoon memories. You should carry your camera with you. If you are a photographer by hobby, then it will be a good opportunity for you to capture some nice moments and click some really awesome pictures. matrimonial site provides profiles of brides and grooms looking marriage in India. Find your life partner from the thousands for verified profiles.


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