7 Things An Indian Bride Should Know Before Marriage

You must be excited about your marriage. You must have planned different things for your marriage. Marriage is very significant event of once life. It is important that you are very well prepared for your marriage. You should be well prepared for your big day and life after marriage. Here are a few things one should know before marriage.

  1. Try to know more about his family in advance: As you are going to shift in his family very soon. It is really important that you should know more about his family and family member before your marriage. So, you must be well aware about his family’s mind set, though process and other things. Also try to find out their likings, disliking, eating habits and other things in advance, so that you will not take much time to get adjusted in new environment.
  2. Learn to say NO diplomatically: After marriage, there are chances you are expected to do and say such things which you really don’t want to do/say. Therefore, it is really important that you learn the art of saying NO to the new family members diplomatically when situation comes without hurting their sentiments and emotions.


  1. Learn cooking basics: It is not really mandatory to cook three course meals all the time, but it is good if you know the basics of cooking. As a daughter-in-law you will be expected to cook something as ritual. Therefore, it is really important that you learn at least a few basic things to cook before marriage. Even you can’t possibly eat out every day for longer time. So, if you are going to stay away from the family, it is really important that you must learn the basic things. Also try to learn some fast and easy recipes so you will not spend much time in cooking and cook small meals without any hassle.
  2. Not dragging your husband in all family issues/fights: This is another art which you should learn and understand. Your husband is your life partner and he is supposed to support you in all situations. But avoid dragging him in all family issues and fights. All the things that you can manage and handle at your end don’t drag him in it. It is true that you might get a better solution of a problem after discussing that with your husband, but discuss it smartly. It should not appear that you are complaining or cribbing.
  3. Communicate with him: Communication is the key to any happy relationship. It is really important that you communicate your feeling to him and vice versa. Tell him about how you feel, what makes you happy or sad? Something that is bothering you or disturbing you should be communicated rightly. For a successful marriage it is really important that you learn to communicate and share your thoughts with your husband and become good friends.
  4. Your parents are still important: It might be you are married now and staying off with your new family or husband, but it does not mean that you forgot your parents. You are entering into a new life, but your parents will miss your presence at home. So, it is important that you try to maintain a healthy balance between your new family and old family.
  5. Be financially independent: In present world where nothing is certain, it is really important that you remain financially independent. It is really important that you should work after marriage as well. It might be that your husband is in a good job, he might be earning well, but still your money will help you to remain financially independent. Even at the time of requirement you can play supportive role and help him financially.


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