Mistakes That Leads Marriage To Divorce

In our country, we assume marriage is an institution where you are not supposed to drop it in the middle. It is the bond for your lifetime. You relate this relationship with the new relationship between two families and three generations. But, there are things, which can make this beautiful relationship complicated and even worse. One should avoid such things and issues in life to make this relationship work throughout your life. Here are a few mistakes you should never make in your first year of marriage:


Having unrealistic expectations: Having expectations in any relationship is good sign that you want to grow in it and live it. But, having unrealistic expectations from your marriage can ruin your relationship. You should always remember that you should love and respect your spouse and it helps in strengthening your relationship. But, one more thing that is really important for marriage is acceptance. If you expect realistic things in your relationship, share, communicate and accept that you are not always on a cakewalk, there will be hard time as well.

Taking things too casually: If you are too comfortable in your relationship that is good. But, if you have started taking it too casually, then you are on wrong path. You should never take this relationship too casual. Pay attention to your partner’s words, requirements and his/her needs. If you are ignoring him/her frequently, not paying much attention to all small and big things, then get ready to face the consequences.

Involving your parents in your clashes: It is not suggested to involve your parents in all arguments of husband-wife. It is good to seek their advice whenever required, but their involvement in all matters will affect the freedom of your relationship. Be enough strong to make your decisions and stand for yourself and for your spouse or life partner.

Interfering too much into each-others life: Every relationship needs some time and it is the same with marriage as well. You need to give some time and space to this important relationship. At times, it is important to give some space and me-time in this relationship. It is good if you take small separate vacations to make your relationship bliss. You must show trust in your partner and give him/her some freedom as well. Interfering too much into each-other’s life and asking too many questions and spying can worse situation.

Being too fearful to share your feeling: If you are too fearful to share your feelings with your spouse, then there is something wrong in your relationship. Your spouse should be like your best friend. You should never feel bad or should not have negative feeling in your mind while sharing your feelings with your spouse. Being too scared to share your feeling with your spouse is a negative sign.

Expecting your partner Jack of all traits: This is another thing we expect from our partner to be Jack of all traits. We want our partner to be a good listener, healer, fixer, cleaner, dryer, washer, and much more than that. These kinds of expectations and thinking that he/she knows all can increase the burden of your spouse to put more efforts then required in your relationship.

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