Some Do’s And Don’ts For Valentine’s Day To Stay Happy!

When it comes to some something special, wedding or your relationship with your family and friends, you will listen many do’s and don’ts for that. But, when it comes to Valentine’s Day celebration, we hardly bother about the Day. You must have spent hell lot of money throughout the year on your wife for dinner, buying something nice for her, celebrating her birthday and much. Take out some time for your beloved and for yourself and celebrate this special day. It is not that you are marketing your love or showing it off, it is just you are making effort to make her feel that she matters a lot. Here are some dos and don’ts for Valentine’s Day to stay happy.


Don’t forget the day. It is not a good sign that you forget this day. It might be she is expecting something special from you on this day. So, mark this day in your calendar/appointments.

Don’t forget to wish her on the day. Whether she is with you or she is out of station, don’t forget to wish her Happy Valentine’s day.

Don’t buy kitchen appliances or cookery books for her on the Valentine’s Day gift.

Don’t gift same things every year. Don’t repeat your gifts, no matter how much she liked it or how much you liked it, but the gifts should be new.

Don’t buy shoes/footwear for her. It is really a bad idea to gift footwear to her. When it comes to shoes the first thing that matters is comfort. It might you are buying the shoes from a good brand, but there is no guarantee of the comfort and fit. So, don’t experiment with the footwear.

Don’t keep unrealistic expectations from her. It might be she is busy with her appointments, office work, or daily stuff at home like cooking, preparing food for the kids and other stuff. Don’t expect anything unusual from her.

Don’t over spend for the day, if you are on a shoestring budget. If you are not left with much amount in your account, try and find out ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in more economical way to stick to your monthly budget.

Don’t give her a generic card. It is a special day, so choose some special card for her which will convey your message lovingly.

Send her a surprise gift at home or work place. Delivering a gift at her place is really a nice idea. The old standby gift is not a good idea to gift her.

Cook something nice for her. It is not mandatory that you cook something nice or complicated. If you will make a morning tea with toast for her, it will be also a good surprise for her.

If she is in her office on that day, pick her up in the evening or on the time she is planning to leave office. Even if your route is not same, still make some efforts on the day to make her feel special.

Make some special plans for her like take her out for dinner, or for shopping, or gift her some spa coupons or something similar to pamper her.

Switch of your phone or keep it on silent and enjoy her company. Keep all other disturbing elements away to enjoy the day.  Maharashtra matrimony site gives profiles of unmarred boys and girls for wedding. Now get registered to check the hundreds matchmaking.


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