Bachelor Party: Best Ideas To Make It Rocking!

A little planning and some unique ideas and themes are really important to plan a rocking bachelor party. Nowadays, all of us want to throw a pre-wedding party to our friends and colleagues. Bachelor’s party is the one event, which excites all males and even his friends as well. The reasons behind this over excitement for the party are because of some unrealistic expectations that almost every guy has from this night. Here, we are sharing some rocking ideas for making your bachelor’s party really exciting.

bachelor’s party- pre wedding party.jpg

Select the right day: keeping the availability of all friends and colleagues in mind, fix a date well in advance. Don’t plan your party just a day or two before your wedding day. Both the bride and groom want to look their best for the wedding, therefore, if you are planning a late night party with alcohol, that’s not likely to the case. There might be chance that some other urgent thing might pop up, which requires your presence, so keep such things in mind. If you fix a day a week or two before your actual marriage date, there are chances that you will be able to organize it well and you can also pay attention to rest of the arrangements.

Be focused on your guest list: While creating the guest list, you should check your list and be specific about it. You surely want to invite your friends, cousins and colleagues in your bachelor party. But, before you finalize your list, it is better that crosscheck the list and make sure that it is not too large, but at the same time you are not missing any important friend.

Customize your party-invitation: Once you are done with the list, the next thing that it utmost important is selecting the right party invitation. It is important that you customize your invitation. If your theme is formal, create an invitation accordingly. If your theme is casual, then send an invitation, more casual in nature and conveys your message accordingly.

Decide your budget in advance: You should decide and estimate the budget of your bachelor party in advance. Always estimate the cost of food, drinks, soft-drinks, starters, decoration, transportation, booking cancelation charges, accommodation, DJ, lighting and other costs. Find out the total money and ask your friends to contribute in advance, so you know your share of contribution.

Make a list of activities: Note down all the fun games, activities you want to do on that day. It is good if you note down all possible activities and indoor/outdoor games to keep people involve. You can also add some crazy activities to increase the involvement of the guests.

Decide a color theme/dress code: To give your party a nice feel and to add the flavor of your party you can ask your friends and all guests to follow a particular color theme or a dress code of the party. You can also go for color code or even a small prop for the party like big glasses, feather wig, pink wig, wedding-veil, etc. Madhya Pradesh matrimony portal offers facilities for online profiles of unmarried boys and girls looking for wedding.


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