Items You Can’t Miss Packing In Your Honeymoon Luggage

Whether you are going in a metropolitan city or in an isolated island for your honeymoon, you can’t ignore and miss packing a few things in your honeymoon luggage. There are a few necessary items which you can’t miss packing in your honeymoon bag. A comfortable bag fully loaded with all essential items will make your travel easier and comforting. Here we are sharing a small list of essential items which you can’t miss packing in your honeymoon luggage.


Water bottle: Stay hydrated, it is really important to carry a water bottle in a country like ours. If you are travelling during night via train or traveller bus, then it is good if you will carry water bottle with you. You have a water bottle which you can refill carry wherever you get opportunity. So, where ever possible you can refill it.

Wet wipes: You should always carry wet wipes in your carry bag or handbag. It is really refreshing, you can use these wet wipes after couple of hours when you feel sweaty. Even you can use it to wipe your face and hands if you don’t find running water to wash your hands and face. There are many wet wipes which are antibacterial, which means you can use them before eating food or after using the bathroom too.

Tissues/paper napkins: Tissues are really good to carry when you blow your nose or want to wipe your hands or face walking in hot hours. However, tissues can be also used as substitute of toilet paper when you don’t have accessibility to toilet paper.

Sunglasses and scarf/hat: To stay comfortable and under shade, it is good to carry good UV sunglasses with you if you are travelling in hotter cities. You should also carry a scarf/hat to stay covered and escape from the uncomfortable heat.

Antibacterial hand sanitizer:  When you travel, there is no surety that everywhere you will find water to wash your hands after food or using the washroom. To combat such situation, carry a good antibacterial hand sanitizer. It wouldn’t only keep your hands clean, but it also helps in keeping your hands bacteria free.

Snacks for tea-time hunger: Nothing can be sadder than travelling empty stomach. It is good to carry some snack with you in your handbag. Keep some sweets, chocolate nut bars, biscuits, or some other snacks of your choice to keep away from the hunger pain while you are travelling.

Mini first aid-kit: First aid-kit on your honeymoon, sounds strange, but just in case you need a painkiller, cold-cough relief or some medicine for fever, makes sure that you are carrying some basic medicines in your first aid kit. Carry some basic medicines for body pain relief, headache, anti-fungal cream, anti-allergy tablets, and tablets for common cold, cough and fever. West Bengal matrimony site provides facility for unmarred boys and girls for wedding. Check out your matching profiles for perfect life partner.


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