20 Things You Must Discuss Before Marriage

When we are meeting our prospective life partner for the very first time we are not very sure what type of questions we should ask him/her. Most of us are confused about this and don’t know how to handle this situation. It is really awkward situations and at time you are not sure how to start the conversation. You should not hesitate a lot to start a conversation with your potential partner. But, don’t start a conversation with some out of situation questions. Here, we are sharing some important questions which you can ask to your prospective partner while meeting him/her for the very first time:


  1. What commitment and this life-long relationship mean to him/her?
  2. What attracted her/him towards you? Why did he/she become ready to meet you for this marriage meeting?
  3. Is he/she taking this decision under pressure or willingly?
  4. What are your future goals? What do you want to achieve professionally or personally?
  5. What is your thought about money or building wealth for future and for your family?
  6. What do you expect from your marital partner? How you expect her/him to support you and be with you in all happy, sad, difficult time and when you are emotionally down?
  7. How much time you want as your time and time for your friends and family?
  8. If anyone of you want to quit your job in future and want to start something of your own, is the other one will accept this change?
  9. When do you want to plan your family after marriage?
  10. Will you be comfortable staying with family or close to the family or want to live separately after marriage?
  11. Who will manage all financial planning part?
  12. What makes you uncomfortable and how you resolve your issues?
  13. What is your favorite cuisine?
  14. What kind of financial responsibilities you have presently?
  15. Do you want to buy your own house after marriage or you want to stay with parents only?
  16. Do you both expect to support family financially and the same will continue after marriage as well?
  17. How frequently you want to visit your parents to see them?
  18. Will it be ok with you to give up the career for kids if really required?
  19. Do you mind to settle in a new state or country if necessary because of your job profile?
  20. Are you comfortable with the salary difference between you?

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