Dishes You Can’t Ignore Adding In Your Wedding Menu From Different States

Selecting the wedding menu might be one of the most complicated and tiring task. Before finalizing one, you have to go through various options and want to make it exclusive that guests will remember the wedding because of various good reasons. You must have tasted various mouthwatering dishes in various restaurants. There must be some of your favorites you love to indulge and enjoy again and again. To add some excitement in the taste and flavor of your wedding food, you can add different famous dishes of different states of the country. Here, we are sharing some of the mouthwatering dishes you can consider to add in your wedding menu.


Makki ki roti and sarson ka saag: Sarson ka saag and makki ki roti is one of most popular vegetarian dish of North India. In Punjab, it is very popular and you can’t imagine a single wedding menu without this mouthwatering dish. You can ask your caterer to serve it traditionally with makki ki roti and topped with butter, yellow butter and jaggery. This is very delicious dish and liked by most of the people.

Dum aloo: This is one of the spiciest and finger licking dish from Uttar Pradesh. You can see this dish in most of the wedding menus. It is cooked in slow flame with lots of spices. You can add this special dish in your wedding menu. You can chip this dish with tava roti, naan or plain rice.

Tabak Maaz: It is basically a lamb dish. It is one of the most popular and delicious dish of beautiful state Kashmir. In Kashmir, you can see this dish as one of the most popular dish. You can see this dish in most of the wedding menus as well as in various celebrations. This dish includes many Persian spices. This is full of spices and flavors a must have dish for non-vegetarians.

Madra: Madra is one of the most famous delicacies of Himachal Pradesh. The dish is authentic dish of Chamba. You can easily see this dish in the wedding menu, festivals and even in almost every hotel and restaurants. It is mainly prepared with soaked chickpeas or kidney beans or chana as its main ingredient. You can enjoy this spicy dish with be served with rice or roti.

Shahi gatte: This shahi gatte ki sabji is popularly known as Govind Gatte. It is a richer and modified version of masala gatte. These are besan dumplings filled with good amount of nuts and then deep fried. It is very popular dish in Rajasthan and one of the must have in wedding menu. You can club this royal dish with roti, naan and rice as well.

Pav Bhaji: This is one of the most popular dishes in Maharashtra. You can easily find people across the country enjoying this fabulous dish as restaurants. You can for sure add this special dish in your wedding menu. This dish is loved by people of all ages from children to elderly people. In North Indian weddings, you can easily find this dish in wedding menu. Kannada matrimony site provides facility for unmarred boys and girls for wedding. Check out your matching profiles for perfect life partner.


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