5 Must Have Wedding Dresses For Males For Their Summer Wardrobe

Wedding season is still on and the summer is approaching. In this hot summer, you can’t be dressed in two or three layers of dresses in summer wedding. It will be uncomfortable and fashion bug. You never want to look out of place wearing heavy tuxedo in summer wedding. It is really difficult to dress heavily when the sun is not going to have any mercy on you. To deal such uncomfortable and complicated situation, it is better you make essential changes in your wardrobe. Here, we are sharing some clothing tips with you to make you look stunning and cool during summer wedding day.

Wedding Dresses For Male

Go for breezy linen: It is one of the most preferred and loved fabric in summer. You can choose this wonderful fabric any time for your rescue if heavy tuxedo is your concern in summer wedding. This comfortable, easy to go with body fabric can make you stand out in the sweaty weather. There are thousand ways in which you can wear this amazing fabric.

Floral pattern shirts and blazers: Earlier males are a bit hesitant to wear prints and floral designs, but, nowadays, floral prints are very much loved by males. Men too love these beautiful prints and patterns. This wedding season you can experiment with your looks and go for blossom flower prints to get that cool look. Though shirts are the most obvious choice in floral department, floral jackets and be used to get the trendy looks. Get rid of those base colors give some floral effect to your looks.

Basic checks: For an evening at a fancy wedding venue or lounge, checkered shirts can be your fashion statement. Keep the humidity factor in mind, you should choose the lighter fabric. Use your checkered shirts well and mix them with your classic jeans or trousers. Always, try to get that masculine look with your checkered shirts.

Traditional Kurta Pajama: This is all time favorite of all males, you can go for this traditional attire during this wedding season. You can pick a trendy kurta-pajama in cotton, khadi-silk and silk. It will add elegance to your overall looks and persona. It is one of the safest choices for those who don’t want to experiment with looks and don’t want to take a chance.

Plain white shirt: This is one of the hot favorite of all males. Needless to say, white shirt is men’s first choice when it comes to clothing options. It is not only the classic choice, but the coolest option to look stunning. Certain wedding evening demand a bit of formal look, for such occasions you can pair your white shirt with dark color trouser to complete your looks.

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