Before You Give Up Your Job For Marriage, Consider These 6 Important Things

Getting married is transitional phase and one of the most crucial decisions of one’s life. It is not just about getting married to him only, it is more about getting married, accepting his family as yours and making your place in their heart. When you are working, it becomes more challenging because you are required to make adjustments in your personal and professional life. Now, you are no more just a daughter of a family, but you are a wife, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law and have many other relationships and responsibilities to bear. At times, the young women’s are asked to give up their career for the sake of marriage. This decision is as complicated as choosing your partner. It is important that you keep a few things in mind before you make the decision of giving up your career for sake of marriage.

Job For Marriage

Giving up financial independence: Giving up your career means, giving up your financial independence. Although, that someone special is your husband and he must be ready to do everything for you, but the feeling of being dependent on someone is really heartbreaking when you were earlier working. Sooner or later you will start compromising with the things you want, especially the luxurious things on which you love to spend your hard-earned money and you enjoy doing that.

No importance to your home-maker role: The role of homemaker is surely not going to give you that status and respect which you are habitual of getting because of your job. This is one of the most negligible and thankless job. Your daily chores will always be considered lower as compared to your husband because he is the one who is earning money. You might think that you are doing the right thing for your family and personal life, but, it might be you will feel the status quo later.

All your efforts will be vanished:  Don’t forget that you have invested many years to build your career. You must be holding a certain position at your workplace and must have gone through many things like hard-work, scrutiny of your boss, management and other thing to achieve this. You will lose everything just because of your single decision. Therefore, everything will be vanished and go into waste.

No professional titles: Once you will make up your mind to give up your career with marriage, get ready to give away your professional titles too. As you will be more involved in your personal life and not involved anywhere professional, so there will be no titles for you and there is no guarantee that you will get the same title after four-five years when you want to pursue your career once again.

No full freedom anymore: It will definitely come down. Accept this fact that your freedom will be affected once you give up your job. Consider the point that you will be financially and socially dependent on others. How will you consider that you will not be able to enjoy your social life any or and you need to ask for permission all the time before meeting your friends?

No more professional dreams: You are marrying to a nice man and all your personal dreams will come true. Soon you will have your own family, for some it is like a dream come true and for some they have bigger dreams and it is part of their life journey. So, if you are among those who have bigger plans and dreams for their life and want to climb the ladder of professional life, then this is not the perfect choice for you. Think all the factors and points before you make your decision. matrimonial services India gives online profiles of grooms and brides for marriage. Search your better matchmaking partner.


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