6 Essential Hair Care Tips For Glossy & Damage Free Hairs Before Your Marriage

All soon-to-be brides want to look perfect on their wedding day from tip to toe. They don’t want to miss a single thing related to their beauty to look gorgeous. To look like a diva on their wedding day, they go for various skin, hair and body treatments. To get the glossy and shiny hair, they use different hair packs and hair treatment. After taking care of your hair well like washing them well, covering then in sun to avoid damage, still you think that there is something missing and you are not able to get bouncy damage free hairs. Here are some essential hair care tips to get glossy and shiny hairs before your marriage.

bridal hair for wedding

Make a loose bun: Generally, if you sleep with your hair open, then say goodbye to this habit and make a small change in it. Always brush your hair before you go to bed and make a simple bun or braid before you sleep. Always ensure that you are not tying your hair too tight as it will again result in breakage. By tying your lovely locks, you will save them from getting entangled during the night.

Don’t forget to cover your hairs with scarf: If you don’t want to tie your hairs before going to bed, then you can wrap a satin or silk scarf on your head and cover your hair completely. The idea is to reduce the friction between your hair and the surface you sleep on. The soft texture of the cloth will help in reducing the damage to your hair. This will help in reducing the hair-damage to great extent when you will brush your hair in the morning.

Never sleep with wet hairs: Sleeping with wet hair is not a very good idea. There are two major side effects of sleeping with wet hair. Firstly, you will make the filling of your pillow wet and it will not even let your hair get dry properly. Secondly, it will cause damage to your hairs as your hair might get entangled and look messier.

Use soft pillow with soft cover: If you really want to improve the texture of your hair and want to reduce the damaged hair, it is always better to invest in soft pillow with soft satin cover. Compared to rough fabric, the soft fabric causes less damage to hairs. Don’t forget to change your pillow cover twice a week.

Don’t forget to give oil nourishment: This is very relevant and important factor to get the glossy and shiny hairs. It is not just your skin needs nourishment every day, but your hairs also need nourishment every night. Your hairs and scalp also need treatment before you go to sleep. To give the required nourishment to your hairs, it is better you pick the right kind of hair oil which will be best for your hair type. This will help in increasing the blood circulation and improve the hair growth.

Never forget to use conditioner: Most of us focus on using good quality shampoo to wash our hairs, but hardly pay attention to condition our hairs. After washing your hairs, it is essential to nourish your hair with good conditions to avoid tangles and split ends. A good condition helps in keeping your hairs tangle free and smooth.

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