Does He Hiding Something? 5 Things Your Man Will Never Share With You

Generally, guys are happy go lucky kind and they just want to live a stable and hassle-free life. They put their all efforts to make their married life simple and happy. Even if you put any complex situation in front of them they will try to find out the best possible solutions to deal with it. But, it doesn’t mean that they are just perfect and flawless. At times, they come out with so relaxed and cool attitude that irked you a lot. You believe that there are things, which he doesn’t discuss with you or hardly share with you. Yes, you are right, there are a few things that he will never share or discuss with you, rather he will only discuss with his friends. Let’s take a look at a few things which he will never share and discuss with you.

married couple

Exact amount in their account: Whenever you will discuss any money matter with them, they will never share their account details with you. They never understand and think that you share a special relationship with you and he can trust you in all matters. But, they still believe that it is best to keep the secrets when it comes to money matters. They are very secretive and protective about their bank details.

Hate a few words in your conversation: All men hate a few words, you generally use in your conversation. When you tell them you are OK, Fine or you are not angry, actually you mean exactly opposite. They hate such words and conversation because in such situation your anger and fatigue leads to further clashes.

Their love for cricket: Does your men always glued in front of TV at the time of cricket match? But, when you ask for remote to change to channel because you want to watch your favorite serial, they change it, but with half-heartedness. They hate it when you interrupt him in watching his favorite match.

He feels you are fat and you need to hit gym: If he will say that you are fat and you need to hit the gym, then it will be harsh to you and annoy you. But, they all the time keep on saying that you are looking beautiful, rather he wants to say that you are looking fat in this dress.

He has some other plans: You are looking forward that you spend some quality time with him, but he has some special plans with his friends and he can’t spend some more time with you. But, still to make you happy he never says this directly to you that he has some special plans with his guy’s gang. Indian matrimony website offers profiles of brides and grooms for marriage. Search better matrimonial resumes for perfect soulmate.


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