Beware Before Buying Gifts: 5 Things You Should Never Gift To Your Wife

Most of the time, we get the suggestions that you should gift this to your spouse. But, we hardly bother to know what we should not gift your wife. There are occasions which we value a lot, a special and right kind of gift can make them more cherishable. Therefore, it is always good to choose the perfect gift without making any error. There are a few things, which you need to keep in mind to avoid any gifting glitches. Let’s take a look at five things that you should never gift to your wife.

Membership of gym: You should never gift your wife a gym membership plan. As it will require more time and her full involvement on daily basis till the membership lasts. Avoid such kind of gifts as these are more like a burden on your spouse and you need to get into this because you must have invested a good amount to buy that membership. So, it is not a wise idea to gift her. Buy such kinds of membership gifting plans only if she will ask you to do so or she is very keen to get enrolled, otherwise it will be burden on her.

Cooking classes: This one is again a no-no gift for her. No matter how good or bad cook she is, still never give her such kinds of gifts. If she is not so good cook it might offend her and spoil your day and efforts. But, if she is good cook, but not very keen to learn this by attending classes, then it will be wastage of money.

Wrong size dress: While buying a dress you need to be very sure that you are picking the perfect size from her favorite brand. Different brands have different measurements and sizes for S, M, L, XL and other sizes. If you buy a small size dress from a brand there is no guarantee that it will fit her well. So, buying a dress is always risky if you are buying it without trail.

Make-up kit: This is another risky and complex gifting idea. Generally, women use different make-up items from different brands. In case, you are very sure about her favorite brands of cosmetic then only buy it, else drop this idea. Besides, women buy all cosmetics after using the tester on their skin tone to know whether it will suit her skin tone or not. So, it is again a very risky thing to indulge in.

Gifting home appliances: If you think she will be so happy after seeing the brand new mixer grinder or vacuumed cleaner, then you are wrong. Home appliances are a basic requirement for making her daily chores simple and easy, but this is not what she deserves on her birthday. If she had expressed so much interest in buying a particular appliance, still this is not the right time to gift it. Make a wise choice while selecting the gift for your wife.   


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