Are You Sure You Are Not Unfaithful To Your Spouse? Check Your Status

Are you married? Do you think that you are loyal to your spouse? Have you ever cheated on your spouse ever? Marriage is a very delicate relationship that requires a lot of dedication, love and time to let it grow and flourish. If you are married, you must have seen different phases in your married life. When your relationship goes through a rough patch, then some people start searching for a person with whom they can share their feeling and feel emotionally attached and relaxed. Sometimes without knowingly you build a relationship of which you are not aware of. You love your spouse and you are never going to leave your spouse at any cost. But, still you are unaware of the ways being unfaithful to your spouse. Unfaithfulness usually attracts people because of fun and excitement linked with it. But, if you want your relationship to flourish and grow avoid such temptations. Let’s take a quick look at a few things to check whether you have been fallen prey into any of these unfaithful behaviors.

Spouses for faithful relation

Flirting: Flirting with your co-workers to have some fun and be little playful could be harmful for your marital status. It is dangerous for your married life. In office, if someone flirts with you just ignore him/her. If you are getting little bit closer to someone and enjoying a greater intimacy as compared to other friends, surely you are flirting or enjoying it. Being a married person you should avoid all such things with your friends and even with your office colleagues. It is really dangerous for your relationship and could lead to conflicts and bitterness in your married life.  It might be the other person with whom you are flirting could ask you a kind of favor or relationship which you have never intended.

Spending time alone with opposite gender: A lunch with your friend or colleague of opposite gender might appear very common to you, but it is actually not if you are the only one who is there for lunch or dinner. If you are going out for lunch, dinner, going out for party or spending time alone with him/her without telling your spouse it for sure a sing of being unfaithful to your spouse. It might be you are too mature to handle anything and everything, but it is always better to stay away from such situations.

Talking negative about your spouse: It might be you are so annoyed with some issue or some recent incident, but don’t talk such things with third person. Your spouse is your best friend and the only one with whom you can share everything and anything without any tension. Never talk negative about your spouse with someone else. Let your conversation revolve around good things about your partner when you are talking with someone else. That’s more about being faithful. But, if you are facing any physical and mental abuse share this with your family, friends or report to police if needed.

Chatting with something on internet: If you are chatting with your friend of opposite gender or colleague on internet, then you are being unfaithful to your partner. Chatting to resolve your professional issues is fine, if it is limited. But, chatting with someone continuously and hiding it to your spouse is obviously a sign that being unfaithful to your spouse.

Giving more importance to your parents: Your spouse should be your priority of life. When you get any promotion, or any other good news be it your pregnancy report or anything else, always first share it with your spouse, rather than sharing it with your parents. Let your spouse be the first one to know the good news not your parents. Khatri matrimonial portal provides profiles of grooms and brides for marriage. Find your matchmaking partner from hundreds of Aadhaar verified resumes.


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