Things All Youngsters Do While Dating Someone Before Marriage

When you are in courtship period it is the best phase of your life. You enjoy a lot of things and love to spend great time with your partner. You want to spend every minute in his/her company and you want to hide this from everyone, even from your family and parents as well. You do various things to hide this from your parents that you are meeting him/her on every second day. Therefore, in such a situation where you love to be with your life partner and you don’t want to disclose this to your parents then you do various things to find a middle way to make them happy and keeping yourself happy.

Dating Couple Before Marriage

Locking phone: You use a unique phone lock to protect your phone from easy access. Either you use different combinations or numbers or something else to create your unique phone lock that can’t be easily predicted. Even you don’t tell your phone lock combination to your sibling. Even you hide chat alerts as well to avoid being noticed by family members.

Fixing a place with nil possibility to be caught: While you plan to go out somewhere on a date, you always want to choose a place very consciously to avoid being caught. You don’t want that you will be seen with him/her by anyone from the family or even by anyone known to you and your family.

Never saying yes to night date: Being a girl you always avoid and say no to night dates. It is one thing which you always avoid in your courtship period as you don’t want to give a long excuse or justification to your parents to get the permission for night date. As most of the Indian families don’t allow their girls to go for night parties or dinner. So to avoid any stressful situation you never say yes to night dates and always want to reach home on your usual time.

Saving the name on your friend’s name: ‘A friend in need is friend indeed’, this saying is very apt when it comes to saving the name of your partner in your phone book to avoid any kind of issues. You save his/her name on the same of your best friends with a twist like an emoticon at the end or something which will be a differentiator for you, but can’t be predicted by someone else.

Ask to drop randomly: If he/she insists you to drop near to your home, you always ask him/her to drop you at least 2-3km away from your home or randomly close to your home from where you prefer to walk down to your home or to take another mode of transport to reach home.

Not planning out station trips: You avoid planning out station trips as you don’t want to get into any problem or argument in the future. As you need to tell them who else will be going, you will be sharing room with whom, etc., therefore you just avoid planning out station trips. If any mishappening will take place, it will be difficult for you to give justification of your act. So, this is one thing which you don’t do even though you die for it. Brahmin matrimonial services gives profiles of brides and grooms for wedding. Check thousands for matrimony resumes for suitable life partner.


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