10 Secrets Revealed What an Indian Man Wants in His Wife

To enjoy your married life and to make it blossoming you want to do a lot of things to please your husband or wife. As a wife, you always put efforts to make your relationship more happy and successful. But, you always want to know what will make him happy and what he wants from you. If you too are confused and still not able to figure out what he wants from you, we are here revealing 10 secrets an Indian man wants in his wife.

Indian Husband Wife

  1. All men want their wife to be bold and smart. They want someone who can handle everything at her level. Nowadays, men prefer their lady love to be independent and smart.
  2. A man wants his wife to be caring and loving like his mother, who all time will take care of each and everything for him. But, still he wants his wife to love like a girlfriend. She knows how to make him feel that love, but she also takes care of everything and pampers him.
  3. A man wants his wife to be a super chef. She must know how to cook food, make his favorite coffee, tea or his favorite food. She can cook everything he likes.
  4. Nowadays, a man wants his wife to be modern and traditional at the same time. He wants a wife to be modern who can carry western dresses comfortably, but at the same time will look graceful in saree as well.
  5. All Indian males desire for wife to be multitasking or with a magical wand. She can cook, clean, wash dishes and can open the door for vendor at the same time. She should do many things with a smile on her face.
  6. This is 21st century and they want a wife who is well-educated and career oriented. Most of the males want a wife to be professionally ambitious yet homely.
  7. She should always follow the family traditions and rituals. She should know everything about our Indian traditions and family rituals like his mother.
  8. They want someone who will not stop them from meeting their friends and enjoy late night parties with friends, who is understanding and mature enough.
  9. A man wants his wife to be mentally strong and mature, who will not come to him for every small thing and seek his help in solving the issue.
  10. He wants his wife to give him enough space and freedom to enjoy his “Me” time the way he wants.

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