6 Things You Hate Listening Being A Girl In Marriageable Age

If you are in a marriageable age and your parents are looking for a groom for you, then you must be facing end number questions every time you meet him or his family for arranged marriage. Everyone asks you various questions some are intelligent, some are wicked and there are some which irritates you like anything. You don’t like replying to all such questions and you just feel irritated. But, still you have to face all such things because you are supposed to be well-mannered and polite because you are there in the marriage market and you can depreciate your value by relying brutally to such irrelevant questions. After listening some illogical and irrelevant questions you feel like escaping from that marriage meeting encounter. If you have not faced such questions then you are lucky enough, but if you are going through the same, then you can easily connect with below mentioned things. Let’s take a look at six deadly questions which you hate listening being a girl in marriageable age.

Girl Bride for Marriage

Do you know cooking? This is one question which topped the chart of Q and A session. Most of the girls must have faced and encounter this question at least once when they meet someone for arranged marriage. Either groom’s mother, sister or any female from his family will surely ask this question. Are you marrying her because she is a good cook or you will say no just because she doesn’t know how to cook? If she is equally qualified and intelligent, then focusing on the cooking skills is not really a great thing. You want a girl to be intelligent, working and a good cook.

Take care of your skin: Your skin is looking too dull and tanned, don’t you take care of your skin. You are looking one or two shade darker than your photograph. Why don’t you try some beauty products or some home remedies to improve your skin tone? There are pimples and spots on your face which does not look good. Do you really want to improve your skin tone to marry someone?

You are looking fat: Are you eating too much junk food? You have gained a lot of weight in last a few months. All the families and even guys want a girl who is slim and looks like a glam diva. The size of the body increases or decreases the changes of getting selected in arranged marriage. If you are fat there are chances that you will face many rejections. In such a situation, the whole family will be behind your life and will ask you to shed some kilos to get A+ in the marriage selection exam.

Do you believe in God? Believing in God or praying to God is someone’s personal choice and you can’t make a decision based on such a thing. If someone is praying to God every day, it is not her character certificate. If you are doing pooja every day and making a lots of noise during your prayer session then only you are sanskari else if you are not doing this, then you are not at all marriageable.

Do you have any boyfriend? Why are you rejecting everyone? Do you have a boyfriend? Who is the one with whom you are talking over the phone? If you are talking with your office colleague over the phone frequently, then there must be something going on. Now, we want you to get married soon before you bring someone home and introduce him as our future son-in-law.

Do you go for a haircut frequently? You have very beautiful hairs, very shiny and of good texture. They have completed all the study on your hairs the moment they saw you. Long lustrous hairs are considered only beautiful. If you love to experiment with your looks and go for hair cut frequently, then it will not be considered good after marriage.  If you will go for a haircut after marriage as well, it will be considered as crime. We liked your long hairs and this is one of the reasons of saying YES to you for marriage. This is really silly, girls should have all the right to decide whether they want to go for a haircut or they want to have long hairs.

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