Meeting Her for The First Time? Never Flaunt These Things to Avoid Rejection

When you are going to meet her for the first time for a very important relationship like marriage, then most of us feel jittery and end up saying something that plays negative role in the selection process. When you meet someone for the first time you should always be a little bit cautious about whatever you say. Be selective about the things and words you choose to discuss the things. It is very important to say right things on right time to make your impression. But, you will turn off the girl if you will say something which she would not be able to relate with or exaggerate things and events. At times to impress someone you said something that goes against you. As a thumb rule to woo your lady love it is important to be natural and realistic in your approach. To make your journey easy, we are here sharing some things which you should flaunt in your first meeting.


Never show-off about your lifestyle: This is something which you should always keep in mind while meeting a girl. She is meeting you because her parents must have already told her about you and your family. She must be pretty aware of your lifestyle and standard. So, in such a situation flaunting about how you party with your friends, or kind of clothes you wear generally might irked her.

Avoid blaring about your friends: Most of the guys tend you to tell a lot of stories and things about his friend and how cool his friends are. Always remember that she is here to meet you, to know about you as person not about your friends and what they are. She might be more interested in knowing about what you feel about things, about your liking, disliking and other things, rather than you prank with your friends or how you guys drive your car. All this might be good to discuss with her on the second or third meeting when you are short of other important topics to discuss. Don’t waste this opportunity by faulting something which is not that important.

Don’t pretend to be Mr. Perfect: This is true that girls got attracted towards those who are well dressed or who are well behaved, but always keep this in mind that she is smart enough to figure out where you are faking. Pretending to be Mr. Perfect might give her an impression that you are trying to fool her with this attitude. This is such an important relationship where there is no scope and space for faking something. Be yourself, show what you are, rather than pretending something in front of her.

Don’t showoff about your knowledge: It might be you are topper of your batch or you must have topped in your university. But, this is not the right time to showoff this. It might be you are well versed with thousands different topics, it doesn’t mean that you will flaunt your knowledge and make her feel that you are too smart for her.

Unmatched sense of humor: There is no doubt that girls do like guys with good sense of humor, but it doesn’t mean that you will crack some kinky or cheap jokes. A good sense of humor is always a good add on, but cracking poor jokes might also give her a negative feel. Girls like guys who can make them laugh, but at the same time they know the difference between a good sense of humor and faking it.

Extraordinary career graph: You are earning a hefty pay packing in one of the fortune companies. Your career graph is very extraordinary and you have all the potentials to be the top-notch professional, but it doesn’t mean that you flaunt this like anything. Self-respect for whatever you do professionally is good attitude, but degrading other’s profession and thinking that only you are doing great work is counted as bad attitude. Always give respect to other’s achievement and profession. It is very important to look at others with same respect and dignity to make your impression. She is not your professional rival, but future life partner, so always give her due respect, which is a very basic thing for any relationship. Arora matrimony site provides grooms and brides profiles for wedding. Register Now and start your partner search with Aadhaar verified profiles.


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