Are You in Your 30s And Still Single? You Must Have Heard These Crazy Statements

Being unmarried after you complete your 30 is not less than a nightmare in India according to the most of Indian girl’s and their experience. We do understand how painful and problematic it is to be single and listening 100 different statements from different people. As Indian, we expect that girls in India should settle down before her late 20s and that is the right age to get married. If you are the one who is not following this common norm due to whatever reasons, then you must have become the favorite topic of all neighboring aunties and even your relatives why you are not getting married.


Women in their 30s are asked silly questions and grilled like anything why they are not getting married with some is one of the craziest questions. Your decision to enjoy the spinsterhood for a few more years start to take a toll on you when find yourself flooded with unnecessary concerns sprouting from your aunts. Here, we are sharing some of the most craziest and silly statements/questions thrown to every single Indian girl in her 30s.

Do you have a boyfriend: This is one of the most common and frequently asked questions from a girl if she is unmarried and in her 30s. Do you have a boyfriend? Whether you accept it or you deny it, but people have their own assumptions. You are not getting married because you have a boyfriend or your family is not accepting your relationship with that boy. Therefore, you are rejecting the marriage proposals.

It will be tough to find a boy in our caste: This is another master stroke, which you must have heard from your aunties, relatives and even from your parents in your age that it will be tough for us to find a boy in our own caste. You will find even a single bachelor in our caste to get married.

After 2-3 years you will only get proposals of divorces: In your age, you will not find even a single bachelor to get married. You will receive marriage proposals of divorces only with your kind of attitude. If you will keep rejecting the marriage proposals you will not find any eligible man to get married in near future.

It’s not easy to spend life alone: This is another statement, which you must have heard from your aunties and relatives. It is not easy to spend whole life alone. Life is really long and you need someone as companion in your life journey. You need someone to be with you and support you. It is really difficult to survive alone in this brutal world.

Do you have any problem with marriage? This is another question that haunts you like anything if you are in your 30s. All your neighboring aunties will surely ask you this question, do you have any problem with marriage? If you keep on rejecting marriage proposals, then your parents will ask you the same question that why you are not getting married?

What people will think about you? If you are single in your 30s, then the whole world has nothing to do in life except seeing you tying the knot. Your parents and even everyone in the family is worried about what others will think about you, as if they have nothing else important to do in life. Whole world is after your life and want to see you married.

Create your profile on matrimonial site: If you do not like the proposal, then you should register with any of the matrimonial site to find the perfect life partner. On these matrimonial sites, you will surely find the kind of guy you are looking for. This is another golden suggestion you will receive from others because according to them you are not able to find an eligible guy by traditional ways.

This is our last wish: All your grandparents and even your parents will keep on saying you this statement that this is their last wish to see you married and settled in your personal life. This is something that they will not make another wish once you will tie the knot.

Think about your siblings: This is another emotional statement, which you must have heard many times from your parents and relatives that think about your siblings as well, if you will not get married, then it will also affect the life their life and they will not receive good marriage proposals. Rajput matrimony site gives groom and bride profiles for wedding. Register Now for free & search through millions of Aadhaar verified profiles!


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