Are You Sure You Are Not Unfaithful To Your Spouse? Check Your Status

Are you married? Do you think that you are loyal to your spouse? Have you ever cheated on your spouse ever? Marriage is a very delicate relationship that requires a lot of dedication, love and time to let it grow and flourish. If you are married, you must have seen different phases in your married life. When your relationship goes through a rough patch, then some people start searching for a person with whom they can share their feeling and feel emotionally attached and relaxed. Sometimes without knowingly you build a relationship of which you are not aware of. You love your spouse and you are never going to leave your spouse at any cost. But, still you are unaware of the ways being unfaithful to your spouse. Unfaithfulness usually attracts people because of fun and excitement linked with it. But, if you want your relationship to flourish and grow avoid such temptations. Let’s take a quick look at a few things to check whether you have been fallen prey into any of these unfaithful behaviors.

Spouses for faithful relation

Flirting: Flirting with your co-workers to have some fun and be little playful could be harmful for your marital status. It is dangerous for your married life. In office, if someone flirts with you just ignore him/her. If you are getting little bit closer to someone and enjoying a greater intimacy as compared to other friends, surely you are flirting or enjoying it. Being a married person you should avoid all such things with your friends and even with your office colleagues. It is really dangerous for your relationship and could lead to conflicts and bitterness in your married life.  It might be the other person with whom you are flirting could ask you a kind of favor or relationship which you have never intended.

Spending time alone with opposite gender: A lunch with your friend or colleague of opposite gender might appear very common to you, but it is actually not if you are the only one who is there for lunch or dinner. If you are going out for lunch, dinner, going out for party or spending time alone with him/her without telling your spouse it for sure a sing of being unfaithful to your spouse. It might be you are too mature to handle anything and everything, but it is always better to stay away from such situations.

Talking negative about your spouse: It might be you are so annoyed with some issue or some recent incident, but don’t talk such things with third person. Your spouse is your best friend and the only one with whom you can share everything and anything without any tension. Never talk negative about your spouse with someone else. Let your conversation revolve around good things about your partner when you are talking with someone else. That’s more about being faithful. But, if you are facing any physical and mental abuse share this with your family, friends or report to police if needed.

Chatting with something on internet: If you are chatting with your friend of opposite gender or colleague on internet, then you are being unfaithful to your partner. Chatting to resolve your professional issues is fine, if it is limited. But, chatting with someone continuously and hiding it to your spouse is obviously a sign that being unfaithful to your spouse.

Giving more importance to your parents: Your spouse should be your priority of life. When you get any promotion, or any other good news be it your pregnancy report or anything else, always first share it with your spouse, rather than sharing it with your parents. Let your spouse be the first one to know the good news not your parents. Khatri matrimonial portal provides profiles of grooms and brides for marriage. Find your matchmaking partner from hundreds of Aadhaar verified resumes.

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Missing The Spark In Your Married Life? Simple Ways To Get Started Once Again

Do you think that the spark in your relationship is missing? If you are among those couples who think that they have gone too far in their relationship and too bored with it, then you need to pay more attention to your marriage relationship. Many couples say that they are missing the spark and passion in their relationship which was there earlier in the initial years. If your love gaze has been replaced with the responsibilities of the daily chores, it is not a good sign. You need to think and find out ways to add some spark in your married life. To keep the passion alive and to infuse the fresh air in your relationship, let’s take a look at things you can do to get started once again:

Married Life Couple.jpg

Do double glance: A glance can work as wonder and a double glance is something which can infuse some fresh air in your day. If he is getting ready for office, you can give him a double glance in a naughty way. It will add some spark in your day. Don’t let go the moments to tell him how handsome he is.

Send text message: In the middle of the day send him/her a simple text message saying, “I love you”, “I am missing you” or something really nice to make your spouse feel that he/she is important to you.

Do something different: It is important to do something different to enjoy it. If both of you are working and hardly get time to talk or share things and after reaching home you get occupied with your daily chores and kids, in such situation do something different and break your routine life.

Plan a date: Planning a date is not just for the phase till you are unmarried or in courtship period. You can plan a date any time. Plan a surprise date to add some spark and spend some quality time together.

Embrace with a hug: A sweet hug is the best way to get closer. The moment your spouse enters the home give him/her a close hug to show your love. This adorable and sweet gesture will make him/her feel your love and how much you missed him/her.

Don’t forget to compliment: No matter from how many years you are together, no matter how old or young you are, never forget to compliment your spouse. We all love compliments and if the compliment is given by the spouse it matters a lot.

Bring home a surprise: Surprise! Surprise! This word is very interesting and has its own importance. Plan some surprise for him/her. It is the best way to break the monotony of life and add some happy sparkling moments in life.

Meet up for lunch: If you have not tried this out this from long time, this is the time to go out for lunch without telling anyone and without your kids. Visit his/her office during lunch hours and take him/her out for lunch without telling him/her in advance.

Decorate your room: This is something which you need to do in a hush-hush manner if you are staying with family and kids. Decorate your room nicely to surprise him/her. If your spouse loves specific flowers or something else, decorate your room with that to see that cute smile. Brahmin matrimonial services gives profiles of brides and grooms for wedding. Check thousands for matrimony resumes for suitable life partner.

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5 Best Places To Visit For Your Honeymoon In Uttrakhand

Honeymoon is one thing which excites all couples as this is the most romantic phase of the married life. But, to make your honeymoon memorable you need a perfect location to spend most romantic moments with your spouse. A good location can add more romance in your honeymoon. If you want to visit any hill station, but not sure which one to choose for your honeymoon, here we are sharing some most romantic honeymoon destinations to visit in Uttrakhand.

Uttrakhand honeymoon tour

Auli-Full of Adventure & Fun: While most of Uttrakhand offers the scenic views and exhilarating experiences. Auli is very popular for its chilling winter, adventures winter sports and thrilling activities. It offers you various sports and activities to keep yourself busy whole day when you are out. There are many eye-catching attractions for couples to explore in this place. While visiting this beautiful place you should not miss visiting the mesmerizing view of Nanda Devi, Hathi Parvat, Trishul and Nikanth. You can also visit Auli Ski Station, Auli Artificial Lake and Chenab Lake. When you are tired after the adventures activities you can relax in the lap of nature. You can visit this scenic beauty during summer or winter. But, if you want to see the hills covered with layer of white snow, the best time to visit this adventurous place during winters only.  This is the best location for nature lovers.

Dehradun-Heart of Uttrakhand: Dehradun is the capital of Uttrakhand and located in the heart of Doon Valley. This is all time favorite of honeymoon lovers who want to spend some romantic moments together. The tourists visit this destination round the year. This gorgeous place offers you everything for your honeymoon like romantic stays, mesmerizing locations, friendly weather and breathe-taking views of Garhwal Himalyas and interesting activities to do on your honeymoon.

Ranikhet-Charming hill station: This marvelous hill station is located in Almora district of Uttrakhand. This beautiful place offers you everything for your honeymoon. The magnificent view of Himalayan range and plush green meadows, salubrious weather and serene surrounding attracts large number of tourists every year. The age-old colonial bungalows and beautiful churches of British era enhance its attraction and set this location apart from other hill stations. This place offers you an impeccable atmosphere for honeymoon couples to enjoy some romantic moments together. Here, you can visit some famous places like ‘Kalika’ and ‘Jhula Devi’ temples and take a romantic stroll to the churches. This is a perfect location for honeymoon couples to spend some quality time together.

Mussoorie-Paradise for honeymoon couples: Mussorie is one of the most visited hill station in north India. It attracts large number of tourists including honeymoon couples every year. This place is very well connected with local transport. You can easily reach this hill station via bus or taxi. Mussoorie is a perfect honeymoon location offering you enough opportunities to spend romantic moments together. If you are here, then you can’t miss visiting ‘Kempty Fall’ and ‘Company Garden’. The mall road is another attraction for couples if you want to shop something for self or for your family as memory of this place. You can also enjoy a boat ride in the Musoorie lake or walk down on the beautiful roads. This place offers you scenic view, you can enjoy your morning tea viewing the beautiful lush green hills and sunrise.

Kausani-bewitching hill views: Are you looking for a place, which is extremely beautiful and offers you spectacular views of stunning peaks and lush greenery. This is the first choice of honeymoon couples from North India. Here, you can view the stunning peaks and lush grasslands. This magical place offers you glimpse of Bandarpoonch, Trishul Peaks, Kedarnath, Badrinath and Nanada Devi. This spectacular place offers you mesmerizing view of sunset and offers you ample opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this gorgeous place spend some romantic moments together. Brahmin matrimony site provides unmarried boys and girls profiles for wedding. Get registered for updated matchmaking resumes.

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Clueless About What You Should Wear On Your Haldi Ceremony? Carry Your Style

Haldi ceremony is one of the most important ceremonies in Indian wedding. You can’t imagine a single Indian wedding without this ceremony. It is conducted almost in very state of our country and more or less in similar form. In some states it is done by the maternal uncle and aunty and in some states it is performed by the mother and other ladies of the family. This is one of the most auspicious and important ceremony, which is a kind of beginning of other wedding ceremonies. There are places where the would-be-bride is expected to wear yellow clothes only on the haldi ceremony. Here, we are sharing a few dressing options which you can consider to wear on your haldi ceremony.

Wedding Haldi Ceremony Clothing

A nice yellow lehenga: If you really want to make it traditional, you can pick a yellow wedding lehenga. However, be cautious while choosing the color combination and fabric. Always remember that, this is special ceremony, but not as important as your wedding, so investing too much money on your dress is not a wise idea. As there are chances that your dress might catch haldi stains and you will not be able to wear it again because of stains. So, buy a dress that is nice, but not that expensive.

Silk saree: Go for the traditional look by wearing the silk saree. Silk saree is one thing which looks good on all women. You can pick a latest wedding saree with beautiful border with plane base or you can pick a printed or designed saree. There are various designs and color combinations available to choose. If you want to make it simple and sweet go for plane saree with beautiful border. It will be the best choice for the occasion.

Anarkali suit: Anarkali suit is best fitted for all occasions. You can anytime consider this beautiful option for your haldi if you don’t want to wear saree and lehenga and want to stay relaxed and comfortable. You can buy a nice anarkali suit of floor length or ankle length depending upon your choice. You can pick a suit in a nice fabric such as georgette, net, satin, or brocade. Go glamorous on your haldi ceremony in anarkali suit.

Suit with palazzo: Suit and palazzo combination is very much in trend. This is very comfortable and trendy. You can wear this contemporary outfit on your haldi ceremony. You can buy this trendy outfit to look stunning on your haldi ceremony. These suits are available in different color combinations and fabric. You can pick a color and fabric based on your complexion and venue. It is always better to pick a suit which will make you glow and comfortable.

Suit with churidar: A very nice and traditional suit combinations to wear on your haldi ceremony. You can choose a nice churidar suit in some vibrant color combination. In churidar suit you can look traditional yet very much stylish. These suits are available in different length and suits all body type and complexion. Pick a suit which will help in making you gorgeous on your haldi ceremony. Agarwal matrimonial provides profiles of grooms and brides for marriage. Search your soulmate with Aadhaar verified matchmaking.

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5 Most Affordable Stylish Watches You Can Buy For Your Wife

Do you want to gift something nice and elegant to your wife? Are you not sure what you should buy for her as a gift? Gifting is really important to showcase your love to your wife and make her feel special. It is not really important that you buy an expensive gift for her, rather you can buy a smart and elegant gift for her within your budget. Let’s take a look at five most affordable branded watches you can gift to your wife.

Casio watches: Casio watches are still leading the watch industry with most loved watches. Casio is the market leader in the watch industry and offers you stylish, innovative and technology driven watches. This stylish brand combines analogue and digital technologies with strong, durable designs. It offers wide range of watches which starts from minimum Rs. 1000. You can buy a stylish watch within your pocket from this leading brand.

Timex watches: It is very old brand which was launched in 1854. From then, the brand has launched various designs meeting the different requirements of different people. In recent years, the company has launched some bold and very modern designs which are very much within the reach of common man. You can buy a good Timex watch by paying minimum Rs. 1200. It offers you high quality products within your pocket.

Citizen watches: When it comes to something modern yet classic, Citizen watches are just the perfect pick. You can buy this stylish yet elegant watch by just paying Rs. 2200. It is very stylish, modern and at the same time very much affordable. Most of the Citizen watches have classic appeal, meeting the requirements of the all people. You can easily buy this watch from any of the leading stores and online as well.

Fastrack watches: Fastrack watches are very much popular among the youth because of its trendy and sporty designs. It offers plenty of sporty designs meeting the requirements of all age groups. You can buy a Fastrack watch within Rs. 1000 as well. The modern and elegant designs of this stylish watch make it hot pick among the young generation.

Titan watches: Titan watches are known for high quality and stylish designs. It is very much loved by all age group people. It is ranked among the leading brands because of its trendy and classic designs. They have a wide range of watches catering to different requirements. You can buy the trendiest watch to a masterpiece. The choices are varied and no need to create a hole in your pocket to get this classic watch. The watches start from the minimum price of Rs. 1500. You can buy a watch that suits your pocket and her style statement.

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Beware Before Buying Gifts: 5 Things You Should Never Gift To Your Wife

Most of the time, we get the suggestions that you should gift this to your spouse. But, we hardly bother to know what we should not gift your wife. There are occasions which we value a lot, a special and right kind of gift can make them more cherishable. Therefore, it is always good to choose the perfect gift without making any error. There are a few things, which you need to keep in mind to avoid any gifting glitches. Let’s take a look at five things that you should never gift to your wife.

Membership of gym: You should never gift your wife a gym membership plan. As it will require more time and her full involvement on daily basis till the membership lasts. Avoid such kind of gifts as these are more like a burden on your spouse and you need to get into this because you must have invested a good amount to buy that membership. So, it is not a wise idea to gift her. Buy such kinds of membership gifting plans only if she will ask you to do so or she is very keen to get enrolled, otherwise it will be burden on her.

Cooking classes: This one is again a no-no gift for her. No matter how good or bad cook she is, still never give her such kinds of gifts. If she is not so good cook it might offend her and spoil your day and efforts. But, if she is good cook, but not very keen to learn this by attending classes, then it will be wastage of money.

Wrong size dress: While buying a dress you need to be very sure that you are picking the perfect size from her favorite brand. Different brands have different measurements and sizes for S, M, L, XL and other sizes. If you buy a small size dress from a brand there is no guarantee that it will fit her well. So, buying a dress is always risky if you are buying it without trail.

Make-up kit: This is another risky and complex gifting idea. Generally, women use different make-up items from different brands. In case, you are very sure about her favorite brands of cosmetic then only buy it, else drop this idea. Besides, women buy all cosmetics after using the tester on their skin tone to know whether it will suit her skin tone or not. So, it is again a very risky thing to indulge in.

Gifting home appliances: If you think she will be so happy after seeing the brand new mixer grinder or vacuumed cleaner, then you are wrong. Home appliances are a basic requirement for making her daily chores simple and easy, but this is not what she deserves on her birthday. If she had expressed so much interest in buying a particular appliance, still this is not the right time to gift it. Make a wise choice while selecting the gift for your wife.   

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Buying Wedding Shoes Becomes Easy With These Simple Tips

When it comes to finding the right pair of your wedding shoe, it might be you are not sure what you should buy? It might be you are finding it not so important or something which can be done in the last moment. But, hold on beautiful, finding the perfect shoe is not that simple as you are assuming. You need to be cautious about many things while buying the wedding shoe. Apart from the looks you should also consider other things. Here, we are sharing some simple tips with you to make your journey easy and simple.

Select the most comfortable shoes:  While buying your wedding shoes pay more attention to comfort level. As you are supposed to wear it for long hours or might be more than 9-10 hours, so choose shoes that are highly comfortable. Comfort should be on top priority list while making the final buying decision.

It should match your dress: Your wedding should go well with your wedding dress. It is utmost important that it should not look out of place when you walk down the aisle. Your shoes should be of similar work or color tone of your dress or might be in golden or silver color to match well with it.

Don’t overlook the cost: Don’t invest blindly on your wedding shoes, always consider the maximum spending limit or cost of the shoes in mind. It is always better to search for reasonable and pocket friendly shoes that will not shoot up your overall shopping budget. At the time of buying the wedding shoes, it is important that you consider the cost in mind and make the wise decision.

Consider the material: A good material is a kind of assurance of high quality, durability and comfort. It is better that you go for soft and comfortable material. It will not make your walk easy, moreover will also make your long standing sessions comfortable.

Don’t overlook the color: Choosing the right color is equally important as selecting the good design and work. The color of your footwear should match with the color of your dress. While choosing the color don’t go with mix and match shades. There are plenty of color options available and if you search a bit harder, you will surely get to the exact matching color footwear.  If you have bought some unique color that you are not finding in shoes design anywhere, on the safer side you can go with universal color like golden and silver.

Choose the right heels: When you are selecting your footwear for your wedding day, it is better that you go for the right heels. If you are not habitual of pencil heels or wearing too high heels don’t buy them as everyone else is wearing it. Think about your comfort level and always go for heels in which you feel comfortable. If you wear flat shoes all the time, then it is better to go for small heels or block heels as they will not make you uncomfortable.

Always keep the back-up plan: It is your special day and you don’t want to go wrong with anything. While buying the wedding shoes, it is always better that you buy two nice pair of shoes. One for the actual day, and another one as back-up plan. If anything goes wrong, you got shoes bite or your shoes make your walk uncomfortable, in that case you can pick the another one and wear it for the rest of the day to give your feet breathing space.

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