5 Most Affordable Stylish Watches You Can Buy For Your Wife

Do you want to gift something nice and elegant to your wife? Are you not sure what you should buy for her as a gift? Gifting is really important to showcase your love to your wife and make her feel special. It is not really important that you buy an expensive gift for her, rather you can buy a smart and elegant gift for her within your budget. Let’s take a look at five most affordable branded watches you can gift to your wife.

Casio watches: Casio watches are still leading the watch industry with most loved watches. Casio is the market leader in the watch industry and offers you stylish, innovative and technology driven watches. This stylish brand combines analogue and digital technologies with strong, durable designs. It offers wide range of watches which starts from minimum Rs. 1000. You can buy a stylish watch within your pocket from this leading brand.

Timex watches: It is very old brand which was launched in 1854. From then, the brand has launched various designs meeting the different requirements of different people. In recent years, the company has launched some bold and very modern designs which are very much within the reach of common man. You can buy a good Timex watch by paying minimum Rs. 1200. It offers you high quality products within your pocket.

Citizen watches: When it comes to something modern yet classic, Citizen watches are just the perfect pick. You can buy this stylish yet elegant watch by just paying Rs. 2200. It is very stylish, modern and at the same time very much affordable. Most of the Citizen watches have classic appeal, meeting the requirements of the all people. You can easily buy this watch from any of the leading stores and online as well.

Fastrack watches: Fastrack watches are very much popular among the youth because of its trendy and sporty designs. It offers plenty of sporty designs meeting the requirements of all age groups. You can buy a Fastrack watch within Rs. 1000 as well. The modern and elegant designs of this stylish watch make it hot pick among the young generation.

Titan watches: Titan watches are known for high quality and stylish designs. It is very much loved by all age group people. It is ranked among the leading brands because of its trendy and classic designs. They have a wide range of watches catering to different requirements. You can buy the trendiest watch to a masterpiece. The choices are varied and no need to create a hole in your pocket to get this classic watch. The watches start from the minimum price of Rs. 1500. You can buy a watch that suits your pocket and her style statement.

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Beware Before Buying Gifts: 5 Things You Should Never Gift To Your Wife

Most of the time, we get the suggestions that you should gift this to your spouse. But, we hardly bother to know what we should not gift your wife. There are occasions which we value a lot, a special and right kind of gift can make them more cherishable. Therefore, it is always good to choose the perfect gift without making any error. There are a few things, which you need to keep in mind to avoid any gifting glitches. Let’s take a look at five things that you should never gift to your wife.

Membership of gym: You should never gift your wife a gym membership plan. As it will require more time and her full involvement on daily basis till the membership lasts. Avoid such kind of gifts as these are more like a burden on your spouse and you need to get into this because you must have invested a good amount to buy that membership. So, it is not a wise idea to gift her. Buy such kinds of membership gifting plans only if she will ask you to do so or she is very keen to get enrolled, otherwise it will be burden on her.

Cooking classes: This one is again a no-no gift for her. No matter how good or bad cook she is, still never give her such kinds of gifts. If she is not so good cook it might offend her and spoil your day and efforts. But, if she is good cook, but not very keen to learn this by attending classes, then it will be wastage of money.

Wrong size dress: While buying a dress you need to be very sure that you are picking the perfect size from her favorite brand. Different brands have different measurements and sizes for S, M, L, XL and other sizes. If you buy a small size dress from a brand there is no guarantee that it will fit her well. So, buying a dress is always risky if you are buying it without trail.

Make-up kit: This is another risky and complex gifting idea. Generally, women use different make-up items from different brands. In case, you are very sure about her favorite brands of cosmetic then only buy it, else drop this idea. Besides, women buy all cosmetics after using the tester on their skin tone to know whether it will suit her skin tone or not. So, it is again a very risky thing to indulge in.

Gifting home appliances: If you think she will be so happy after seeing the brand new mixer grinder or vacuumed cleaner, then you are wrong. Home appliances are a basic requirement for making her daily chores simple and easy, but this is not what she deserves on her birthday. If she had expressed so much interest in buying a particular appliance, still this is not the right time to gift it. Make a wise choice while selecting the gift for your wife.   

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Buying Wedding Shoes Becomes Easy With These Simple Tips

When it comes to finding the right pair of your wedding shoe, it might be you are not sure what you should buy? It might be you are finding it not so important or something which can be done in the last moment. But, hold on beautiful, finding the perfect shoe is not that simple as you are assuming. You need to be cautious about many things while buying the wedding shoe. Apart from the looks you should also consider other things. Here, we are sharing some simple tips with you to make your journey easy and simple.

Select the most comfortable shoes:  While buying your wedding shoes pay more attention to comfort level. As you are supposed to wear it for long hours or might be more than 9-10 hours, so choose shoes that are highly comfortable. Comfort should be on top priority list while making the final buying decision.

It should match your dress: Your wedding should go well with your wedding dress. It is utmost important that it should not look out of place when you walk down the aisle. Your shoes should be of similar work or color tone of your dress or might be in golden or silver color to match well with it.

Don’t overlook the cost: Don’t invest blindly on your wedding shoes, always consider the maximum spending limit or cost of the shoes in mind. It is always better to search for reasonable and pocket friendly shoes that will not shoot up your overall shopping budget. At the time of buying the wedding shoes, it is important that you consider the cost in mind and make the wise decision.

Consider the material: A good material is a kind of assurance of high quality, durability and comfort. It is better that you go for soft and comfortable material. It will not make your walk easy, moreover will also make your long standing sessions comfortable.

Don’t overlook the color: Choosing the right color is equally important as selecting the good design and work. The color of your footwear should match with the color of your dress. While choosing the color don’t go with mix and match shades. There are plenty of color options available and if you search a bit harder, you will surely get to the exact matching color footwear.  If you have bought some unique color that you are not finding in shoes design anywhere, on the safer side you can go with universal color like golden and silver.

Choose the right heels: When you are selecting your footwear for your wedding day, it is better that you go for the right heels. If you are not habitual of pencil heels or wearing too high heels don’t buy them as everyone else is wearing it. Think about your comfort level and always go for heels in which you feel comfortable. If you wear flat shoes all the time, then it is better to go for small heels or block heels as they will not make you uncomfortable.

Always keep the back-up plan: It is your special day and you don’t want to go wrong with anything. While buying the wedding shoes, it is always better that you buy two nice pair of shoes. One for the actual day, and another one as back-up plan. If anything goes wrong, you got shoes bite or your shoes make your walk uncomfortable, in that case you can pick the another one and wear it for the rest of the day to give your feet breathing space.

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Things A Would-Be-Bride Should Keep In Mind Before Wedding Day

Want to look stylish and stunning on your wedding day? This is the dream of every girl to look super gorgeous on her wedding day and just stun everyone with her mesmerizing looks. If you have the similar plans for your wedding day and still clue less how to move forward, then you are at right place and reading the right article. Let’s take a look at a few things a would be-bride should keep in mind before her wedding day.

Would-Be-Bride for Wedding

Just be you: Every individual is different and special and your personality is different from others. Don’t follow anyone’s style or don’t copy anyone’s looks. It might be that a particular dress must have looked good on her, but there is no surely that it will suit your personality or body type. So just be you and make your own style statement.

Don’t load yourself with heavy dresses: Gone are the days when brides used to wear heavy wedding dress of 20Kgs, 30 Kgs. Don’t go for such heavy dress, it will make you uncomfortable and will not let you enjoy your special day. As most of the time you will be busy in adjusting and handling your dress.

Don’t look like a jewelry shop: Right kind of jewelry and accessory can enhance your looks and can make you look like a diva on your wedding day. But, in the sake of wearing all your jewelry and look like a jewelry shop, it is always better to wear right kind of jewelry which will go well with your wedding attire.

Feel good, smell good: To get the natural glow on your face and look gorgeous, it is important to feel good and happy on your wedding day. It will give you a natural glow and make your skin glow like anything. To leave a lasting impact it is important that you choose the right kind of fragrance to smell good. You whole make and style will be a waste if you are not using the right fragrance to smell good and fresh. Choose some soft and soothing fragrance.

Focus on comfort when it comes to footwear: Most of the Indian wedding dresses cover your feet and there are hardly any chances to showcase your fancy footwear. It is better to wear fancy and more importantly comfortable footwear. Don’t go for the style only, chose comforting footwear. It will make your walk comfortable and keep you relaxed.

Make your own rules: It is your wedding and you are the right one to decide whether you really want to do it or not. If you are not comfortable with something say no to it. Make your own rules and enjoy your wedding day.

If not sure hire good stylist: If you are not sure about your sure and you are confused what will suit you and what will not, then it is always better to take help of expert. Hire a good stylist to make your selection and buying journey easy.

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5 Fashion Tips For Would Be Brides To Make Their Own Style Statement

Wedding Day is the most important day of ever girl’s life. You cherish many dreams for your wedding day. You don’t want to compromise on anything when it comes to your special day. You want everything best and simply perfect. When it comes to dressing up for the D-Day, the would-be brides never want to look less than a glam diva. Hence, to meet your desire of looking like a glam diva on your wedding we are sharing some special styling tips for all soon to be brides.

bride to be married

Choose different outfits & looks for different occasion: Besides the wedding, there are plenty of other celebrations as well before and after your wedding day. You should always be conscious about your looks and style for all different functions. Pick different outfits with different looks for different celebrations.

Pick the right accessory: Once you have selected your different outfits, it is always good that you pick different jewelry and accessory for different dresses. It is always better to use different accessories to get the different looks. Your sense of jewelry should complement your dress. Apart from you dress and accessories, it is important to carry everything with confidence.

Unconventional mehendi designs: Nowadays, the would-be-brides don’t want to go for heavy and traditional mehendi designs. Rather, they are experimental with their looks and even with the mehendi designs as well. The fusion mehendi designs are also very much in and very much in trend.

Don’t go for heavy makeup: It is not always necessary that for the would-be-bride to apply heavy makeup on the wedding day or on the different ceremonies. Before finalizing your makeup and looks, it is important that you consider your dresses and don’t go for heavy makeup. Minimal makeup will allow your natural glow to come out and let your skin breath and shine.

Play with colors: You need not to stick to the conventional colors for your wedding lehenga and other dresses. You can try for some trendy colors to steal the attention. Gone are the days when people want to see the brides in red or pink colors only. Nowadays, girls are experimental and they choose different colors to create their own style statement. You can easily find the trendy colors for your lehenga and other dresses.

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Does He Hiding Something? 5 Things Your Man Will Never Share With You

Generally, guys are happy go lucky kind and they just want to live a stable and hassle-free life. They put their all efforts to make their married life simple and happy. Even if you put any complex situation in front of them they will try to find out the best possible solutions to deal with it. But, it doesn’t mean that they are just perfect and flawless. At times, they come out with so relaxed and cool attitude that irked you a lot. You believe that there are things, which he doesn’t discuss with you or hardly share with you. Yes, you are right, there are a few things that he will never share or discuss with you, rather he will only discuss with his friends. Let’s take a look at a few things which he will never share and discuss with you.

married couple

Exact amount in their account: Whenever you will discuss any money matter with them, they will never share their account details with you. They never understand and think that you share a special relationship with you and he can trust you in all matters. But, they still believe that it is best to keep the secrets when it comes to money matters. They are very secretive and protective about their bank details.

Hate a few words in your conversation: All men hate a few words, you generally use in your conversation. When you tell them you are OK, Fine or you are not angry, actually you mean exactly opposite. They hate such words and conversation because in such situation your anger and fatigue leads to further clashes.

Their love for cricket: Does your men always glued in front of TV at the time of cricket match? But, when you ask for remote to change to channel because you want to watch your favorite serial, they change it, but with half-heartedness. They hate it when you interrupt him in watching his favorite match.

He feels you are fat and you need to hit gym: If he will say that you are fat and you need to hit the gym, then it will be harsh to you and annoy you. But, they all the time keep on saying that you are looking beautiful, rather he wants to say that you are looking fat in this dress.

He has some other plans: You are looking forward that you spend some quality time with him, but he has some special plans with his friends and he can’t spend some more time with you. But, still to make you happy he never says this directly to you that he has some special plans with his guy’s gang.

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6 Essential Hair Care Tips For Glossy & Damage Free Hairs Before Your Marriage

All soon-to-be brides want to look perfect on their wedding day from tip to toe. They don’t want to miss a single thing related to their beauty to look gorgeous. To look like a diva on their wedding day, they go for various skin, hair and body treatments. To get the glossy and shiny hair, they use different hair packs and hair treatment. After taking care of your hair well like washing them well, covering then in sun to avoid damage, still you think that there is something missing and you are not able to get bouncy damage free hairs. Here are some essential hair care tips to get glossy and shiny hairs before your marriage.

bridal hair for wedding

Make a loose bun: Generally, if you sleep with your hair open, then say goodbye to this habit and make a small change in it. Always brush your hair before you go to bed and make a simple bun or braid before you sleep. Always ensure that you are not tying your hair too tight as it will again result in breakage. By tying your lovely locks, you will save them from getting entangled during the night.

Don’t forget to cover your hairs with scarf: If you don’t want to tie your hairs before going to bed, then you can wrap a satin or silk scarf on your head and cover your hair completely. The idea is to reduce the friction between your hair and the surface you sleep on. The soft texture of the cloth will help in reducing the damage to your hair. This will help in reducing the hair-damage to great extent when you will brush your hair in the morning.

Never sleep with wet hairs: Sleeping with wet hair is not a very good idea. There are two major side effects of sleeping with wet hair. Firstly, you will make the filling of your pillow wet and it will not even let your hair get dry properly. Secondly, it will cause damage to your hairs as your hair might get entangled and look messier.

Use soft pillow with soft cover: If you really want to improve the texture of your hair and want to reduce the damaged hair, it is always better to invest in soft pillow with soft satin cover. Compared to rough fabric, the soft fabric causes less damage to hairs. Don’t forget to change your pillow cover twice a week.

Don’t forget to give oil nourishment: This is very relevant and important factor to get the glossy and shiny hairs. It is not just your skin needs nourishment every day, but your hairs also need nourishment every night. Your hairs and scalp also need treatment before you go to sleep. To give the required nourishment to your hairs, it is better you pick the right kind of hair oil which will be best for your hair type. This will help in increasing the blood circulation and improve the hair growth.

Never forget to use conditioner: Most of us focus on using good quality shampoo to wash our hairs, but hardly pay attention to condition our hairs. After washing your hairs, it is essential to nourish your hair with good conditions to avoid tangles and split ends. A good condition helps in keeping your hairs tangle free and smooth.

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