6 Things You Hate Listening Being A Girl In Marriageable Age

If you are in a marriageable age and your parents are looking for a groom for you, then you must be facing end number questions every time you meet him or his family for arranged marriage. Everyone asks you various questions some are intelligent, some are wicked and there are some which irritates you like anything. You don’t like replying to all such questions and you just feel irritated. But, still you have to face all such things because you are supposed to be well-mannered and polite because you are there in the marriage market and you can depreciate your value by relying brutally to such irrelevant questions. After listening some illogical and irrelevant questions you feel like escaping from that marriage meeting encounter. If you have not faced such questions then you are lucky enough, but if you are going through the same, then you can easily connect with below mentioned things. Let’s take a look at six deadly questions which you hate listening being a girl in marriageable age.

Girl Bride for Marriage

Do you know cooking? This is one question which topped the chart of Q and A session. Most of the girls must have faced and encounter this question at least once when they meet someone for arranged marriage. Either groom’s mother, sister or any female from his family will surely ask this question. Are you marrying her because she is a good cook or you will say no just because she doesn’t know how to cook? If she is equally qualified and intelligent, then focusing on the cooking skills is not really a great thing. You want a girl to be intelligent, working and a good cook.

Take care of your skin: Your skin is looking too dull and tanned, don’t you take care of your skin. You are looking one or two shade darker than your photograph. Why don’t you try some beauty products or some home remedies to improve your skin tone? There are pimples and spots on your face which does not look good. Do you really want to improve your skin tone to marry someone?

You are looking fat: Are you eating too much junk food? You have gained a lot of weight in last a few months. All the families and even guys want a girl who is slim and looks like a glam diva. The size of the body increases or decreases the changes of getting selected in arranged marriage. If you are fat there are chances that you will face many rejections. In such a situation, the whole family will be behind your life and will ask you to shed some kilos to get A+ in the marriage selection exam.

Do you believe in God? Believing in God or praying to God is someone’s personal choice and you can’t make a decision based on such a thing. If someone is praying to God every day, it is not her character certificate. If you are doing pooja every day and making a lots of noise during your prayer session then only you are sanskari else if you are not doing this, then you are not at all marriageable.

Do you have any boyfriend? Why are you rejecting everyone? Do you have a boyfriend? Who is the one with whom you are talking over the phone? If you are talking with your office colleague over the phone frequently, then there must be something going on. Now, we want you to get married soon before you bring someone home and introduce him as our future son-in-law.

Do you go for a haircut frequently? You have very beautiful hairs, very shiny and of good texture. They have completed all the study on your hairs the moment they saw you. Long lustrous hairs are considered only beautiful. If you love to experiment with your looks and go for hair cut frequently, then it will not be considered good after marriage.  If you will go for a haircut after marriage as well, it will be considered as crime. We liked your long hairs and this is one of the reasons of saying YES to you for marriage. This is really silly, girls should have all the right to decide whether they want to go for a haircut or they want to have long hairs.

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10 Secrets Revealed What an Indian Man Wants in His Wife

To enjoy your married life and to make it blossoming you want to do a lot of things to please your husband or wife. As a wife, you always put efforts to make your relationship more happy and successful. But, you always want to know what will make him happy and what he wants from you. If you too are confused and still not able to figure out what he wants from you, we are here revealing 10 secrets an Indian man wants in his wife.

Indian Husband Wife

  1. All men want their wife to be bold and smart. They want someone who can handle everything at her level. Nowadays, men prefer their lady love to be independent and smart.
  2. A man wants his wife to be caring and loving like his mother, who all time will take care of each and everything for him. But, still he wants his wife to love like a girlfriend. She knows how to make him feel that love, but she also takes care of everything and pampers him.
  3. A man wants his wife to be a super chef. She must know how to cook food, make his favorite coffee, tea or his favorite food. She can cook everything he likes.
  4. Nowadays, a man wants his wife to be modern and traditional at the same time. He wants a wife to be modern who can carry western dresses comfortably, but at the same time will look graceful in saree as well.
  5. All Indian males desire for wife to be multitasking or with a magical wand. She can cook, clean, wash dishes and can open the door for vendor at the same time. She should do many things with a smile on her face.
  6. This is 21st century and they want a wife who is well-educated and career oriented. Most of the males want a wife to be professionally ambitious yet homely.
  7. She should always follow the family traditions and rituals. She should know everything about our Indian traditions and family rituals like his mother.
  8. They want someone who will not stop them from meeting their friends and enjoy late night parties with friends, who is understanding and mature enough.
  9. A man wants his wife to be mentally strong and mature, who will not come to him for every small thing and seek his help in solving the issue.
  10. He wants his wife to give him enough space and freedom to enjoy his “Me” time the way he wants.

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Experience The True Colors Of Life, Visit Rajasthan On Your Honeymoon

Rajasthan, a magnificent state famous for its unmatched culture, glittering sand, marvelous palaces. This is one of the most beautiful and diverse states of India. Finalizing a honeymoon destination is a tricky affair and it becomes more complicated if you don’t want to visit the typical destination such as beaches and hill stations. Rajasthan is one such destination which you can’t miss if you are planning your honeymoon. If you are looking for a destination, which is not surrounded with hills and valleys, then Rajasthan is a must visit destination for you. This gorgeous destination offers you everything which you look forward in a honeymoon destination. We are here sharing the key destinations of Rajasthan to visit on your honeymoon to make it really mesmerizing.

Rajasthan Honeymoon Tour

Udaipur: This natural heritage place is full of rich culture, beautiful Aravalli Mountains and unmatched beauty of this place makes it most spectacular honeymoon destination for newly wedded couples. It is among the most sought after honeymoon destinations of Rajasthan. While enjoying your honeymoon at this beautiful destination you can also visit Pichola Lake, City Palace. Monsoon Palace and Moti Magri or Gulabh Bagh. It is a perfect choice for all those couples who wish to visit a destination, which is very much exquisite and royal.

Mount Abu: Honeymoon trip to a hill-station is one of the most common choices of all newly wedded couples. Mount Abu is the only hill station in Rajasthan which attracts many tourists from neighboring states. Even it is one of the biggest attraction points for all international tourists who visit Rajasthan. The lush green Aravalli mountains range and Nakki Lake makes this place just divine and paradise for all visitors.

Jaipur:  Jaipur is popularly known as Pink City of Rajasthan. It is very much famous for its lavish palaces and ambiences. It is one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations for newly wedded couples. Here, you can experience the true colors of Rajasthani food, culture and lifestyle. You can choose this destination for your honeymoon if you want to give it a royal touch. If you are in this pink paradise then you can’t miss visiting Hawa Mahal, City Palace and Amer Palace.

Bikaner: This beautiful place is famous for camel rides and its cultural heritage. It offers a lot to the honeymoon couples. You can experience the excitement of camel ride. Couples also get the opportunity to explore this gorgeous city, which has numerous popular places to visit such as Junagarh fort, Lalgarh palace and Purana Bazaar.

Ranthambore: If you want to give some adventurous twist to your honeymoon, visit Ranthambore in Rajasthan. It is famous for wildlife and natural beauty. If you don’t want to visit the sunny beaches or hills, this is the best choice for you. Go adventurous and wild on your honeymoon and visit Ranthambore National Park. You can easily spot flying foxes, monkeys, deer, wild cats and leopards in this national park. Besides, you can also plan a visit to the nearby Ranthambore Fort, Surwal Lake and Raj Bagh to add more fun in your honeymoon.

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Things All Youngsters Do While Dating Someone Before Marriage

When you are in courtship period it is the best phase of your life. You enjoy a lot of things and love to spend great time with your partner. You want to spend every minute in his/her company and you want to hide this from everyone, even from your family and parents as well. You do various things to hide this from your parents that you are meeting him/her on every second day. Therefore, in such a situation where you love to be with your life partner and you don’t want to disclose this to your parents then you do various things to find a middle way to make them happy and keeping yourself happy.

Dating Couple Before Marriage

Locking phone: You use a unique phone lock to protect your phone from easy access. Either you use different combinations or numbers or something else to create your unique phone lock that can’t be easily predicted. Even you don’t tell your phone lock combination to your sibling. Even you hide chat alerts as well to avoid being noticed by family members.

Fixing a place with nil possibility to be caught: While you plan to go out somewhere on a date, you always want to choose a place very consciously to avoid being caught. You don’t want that you will be seen with him/her by anyone from the family or even by anyone known to you and your family.

Never saying yes to night date: Being a girl you always avoid and say no to night dates. It is one thing which you always avoid in your courtship period as you don’t want to give a long excuse or justification to your parents to get the permission for night date. As most of the Indian families don’t allow their girls to go for night parties or dinner. So to avoid any stressful situation you never say yes to night dates and always want to reach home on your usual time.

Saving the name on your friend’s name: ‘A friend in need is friend indeed’, this saying is very apt when it comes to saving the name of your partner in your phone book to avoid any kind of issues. You save his/her name on the same of your best friends with a twist like an emoticon at the end or something which will be a differentiator for you, but can’t be predicted by someone else.

Ask to drop randomly: If he/she insists you to drop near to your home, you always ask him/her to drop you at least 2-3km away from your home or randomly close to your home from where you prefer to walk down to your home or to take another mode of transport to reach home.

Not planning out station trips: You avoid planning out station trips as you don’t want to get into any problem or argument in the future. As you need to tell them who else will be going, you will be sharing room with whom, etc., therefore you just avoid planning out station trips. If any mishappening will take place, it will be difficult for you to give justification of your act. So, this is one thing which you don’t do even though you die for it.

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Are You Sure You Are Not Unfaithful To Your Spouse? Check Your Status

Are you married? Do you think that you are loyal to your spouse? Have you ever cheated on your spouse ever? Marriage is a very delicate relationship that requires a lot of dedication, love and time to let it grow and flourish. If you are married, you must have seen different phases in your married life. When your relationship goes through a rough patch, then some people start searching for a person with whom they can share their feeling and feel emotionally attached and relaxed. Sometimes without knowingly you build a relationship of which you are not aware of. You love your spouse and you are never going to leave your spouse at any cost. But, still you are unaware of the ways being unfaithful to your spouse. Unfaithfulness usually attracts people because of fun and excitement linked with it. But, if you want your relationship to flourish and grow avoid such temptations. Let’s take a quick look at a few things to check whether you have been fallen prey into any of these unfaithful behaviors.

Spouses for faithful relation

Flirting: Flirting with your co-workers to have some fun and be little playful could be harmful for your marital status. It is dangerous for your married life. In office, if someone flirts with you just ignore him/her. If you are getting little bit closer to someone and enjoying a greater intimacy as compared to other friends, surely you are flirting or enjoying it. Being a married person you should avoid all such things with your friends and even with your office colleagues. It is really dangerous for your relationship and could lead to conflicts and bitterness in your married life.  It might be the other person with whom you are flirting could ask you a kind of favor or relationship which you have never intended.

Spending time alone with opposite gender: A lunch with your friend or colleague of opposite gender might appear very common to you, but it is actually not if you are the only one who is there for lunch or dinner. If you are going out for lunch, dinner, going out for party or spending time alone with him/her without telling your spouse it for sure a sing of being unfaithful to your spouse. It might be you are too mature to handle anything and everything, but it is always better to stay away from such situations.

Talking negative about your spouse: It might be you are so annoyed with some issue or some recent incident, but don’t talk such things with third person. Your spouse is your best friend and the only one with whom you can share everything and anything without any tension. Never talk negative about your spouse with someone else. Let your conversation revolve around good things about your partner when you are talking with someone else. That’s more about being faithful. But, if you are facing any physical and mental abuse share this with your family, friends or report to police if needed.

Chatting with something on internet: If you are chatting with your friend of opposite gender or colleague on internet, then you are being unfaithful to your partner. Chatting to resolve your professional issues is fine, if it is limited. But, chatting with someone continuously and hiding it to your spouse is obviously a sign that being unfaithful to your spouse.

Giving more importance to your parents: Your spouse should be your priority of life. When you get any promotion, or any other good news be it your pregnancy report or anything else, always first share it with your spouse, rather than sharing it with your parents. Let your spouse be the first one to know the good news not your parents.

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Missing The Spark In Your Married Life? Simple Ways To Get Started Once Again

Do you think that the spark in your relationship is missing? If you are among those couples who think that they have gone too far in their relationship and too bored with it, then you need to pay more attention to your marriage relationship. Many couples say that they are missing the spark and passion in their relationship which was there earlier in the initial years. If your love gaze has been replaced with the responsibilities of the daily chores, it is not a good sign. You need to think and find out ways to add some spark in your married life. To keep the passion alive and to infuse the fresh air in your relationship, let’s take a look at things you can do to get started once again:

Married Life Couple.jpg

Do double glance: A glance can work as wonder and a double glance is something which can infuse some fresh air in your day. If he is getting ready for office, you can give him a double glance in a naughty way. It will add some spark in your day. Don’t let go the moments to tell him how handsome he is.

Send text message: In the middle of the day send him/her a simple text message saying, “I love you”, “I am missing you” or something really nice to make your spouse feel that he/she is important to you.

Do something different: It is important to do something different to enjoy it. If both of you are working and hardly get time to talk or share things and after reaching home you get occupied with your daily chores and kids, in such situation do something different and break your routine life.

Plan a date: Planning a date is not just for the phase till you are unmarried or in courtship period. You can plan a date any time. Plan a surprise date to add some spark and spend some quality time together.

Embrace with a hug: A sweet hug is the best way to get closer. The moment your spouse enters the home give him/her a close hug to show your love. This adorable and sweet gesture will make him/her feel your love and how much you missed him/her.

Don’t forget to compliment: No matter from how many years you are together, no matter how old or young you are, never forget to compliment your spouse. We all love compliments and if the compliment is given by the spouse it matters a lot.

Bring home a surprise: Surprise! Surprise! This word is very interesting and has its own importance. Plan some surprise for him/her. It is the best way to break the monotony of life and add some happy sparkling moments in life.

Meet up for lunch: If you have not tried this out this from long time, this is the time to go out for lunch without telling anyone and without your kids. Visit his/her office during lunch hours and take him/her out for lunch without telling him/her in advance.

Decorate your room: This is something which you need to do in a hush-hush manner if you are staying with family and kids. Decorate your room nicely to surprise him/her. If your spouse loves specific flowers or something else, decorate your room with that to see that cute smile.

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5 Best Places To Visit For Your Honeymoon In Uttrakhand

Honeymoon is one thing which excites all couples as this is the most romantic phase of the married life. But, to make your honeymoon memorable you need a perfect location to spend most romantic moments with your spouse. A good location can add more romance in your honeymoon. If you want to visit any hill station, but not sure which one to choose for your honeymoon, here we are sharing some most romantic honeymoon destinations to visit in Uttrakhand.

Uttrakhand honeymoon tour

Auli-Full of Adventure & Fun: While most of Uttrakhand offers the scenic views and exhilarating experiences. Auli is very popular for its chilling winter, adventures winter sports and thrilling activities. It offers you various sports and activities to keep yourself busy whole day when you are out. There are many eye-catching attractions for couples to explore in this place. While visiting this beautiful place you should not miss visiting the mesmerizing view of Nanda Devi, Hathi Parvat, Trishul and Nikanth. You can also visit Auli Ski Station, Auli Artificial Lake and Chenab Lake. When you are tired after the adventures activities you can relax in the lap of nature. You can visit this scenic beauty during summer or winter. But, if you want to see the hills covered with layer of white snow, the best time to visit this adventurous place during winters only.  This is the best location for nature lovers.

Dehradun-Heart of Uttrakhand: Dehradun is the capital of Uttrakhand and located in the heart of Doon Valley. This is all time favorite of honeymoon lovers who want to spend some romantic moments together. The tourists visit this destination round the year. This gorgeous place offers you everything for your honeymoon like romantic stays, mesmerizing locations, friendly weather and breathe-taking views of Garhwal Himalyas and interesting activities to do on your honeymoon.

Ranikhet-Charming hill station: This marvelous hill station is located in Almora district of Uttrakhand. This beautiful place offers you everything for your honeymoon. The magnificent view of Himalayan range and plush green meadows, salubrious weather and serene surrounding attracts large number of tourists every year. The age-old colonial bungalows and beautiful churches of British era enhance its attraction and set this location apart from other hill stations. This place offers you an impeccable atmosphere for honeymoon couples to enjoy some romantic moments together. Here, you can visit some famous places like ‘Kalika’ and ‘Jhula Devi’ temples and take a romantic stroll to the churches. This is a perfect location for honeymoon couples to spend some quality time together.

Mussoorie-Paradise for honeymoon couples: Mussorie is one of the most visited hill station in north India. It attracts large number of tourists including honeymoon couples every year. This place is very well connected with local transport. You can easily reach this hill station via bus or taxi. Mussoorie is a perfect honeymoon location offering you enough opportunities to spend romantic moments together. If you are here, then you can’t miss visiting ‘Kempty Fall’ and ‘Company Garden’. The mall road is another attraction for couples if you want to shop something for self or for your family as memory of this place. You can also enjoy a boat ride in the Musoorie lake or walk down on the beautiful roads. This place offers you scenic view, you can enjoy your morning tea viewing the beautiful lush green hills and sunrise.

Kausani-bewitching hill views: Are you looking for a place, which is extremely beautiful and offers you spectacular views of stunning peaks and lush greenery. This is the first choice of honeymoon couples from North India. Here, you can view the stunning peaks and lush grasslands. This magical place offers you glimpse of Bandarpoonch, Trishul Peaks, Kedarnath, Badrinath and Nanada Devi. This spectacular place offers you mesmerizing view of sunset and offers you ample opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this gorgeous place spend some romantic moments together.

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