Make Your Wedding Exciting By Adding Some Great Decoration Ideas

The most important part of your marriage venue is decoration. It should be nice and impressive at the same time. The centre stage captures the maximum eye-balls and one of the main attraction points in the wedding venue. If you are confused what type of decoration you should finalize for your wedding venue, then don’t forget to consider the trends and season. The decoration could be based on a theme, tradition and anything else, but you should always think about your preferences and budget. Here, we are sharing some exciting wedding decoration ideas.

Wedding Planners, Decoration

Flowers & lights: You can’t imagine a single wedding without decoration of good flowers. There are many varieties of flowers available in the market to choose from, which can help you to set different styles of decoration for different ceremonies. The smell and freshness is also important. Indian weddings are more popular for colorful decorations and bright themes like red, green, yellow and pink. So choose the color of the flowers according to color combination and theme.

Candles & fancy lights: Candles can add a lot of amazing look to your decoration. You can use candles in different colors, sizes and even in different ways. You can use candles on the entrance of the venue to give the traditional touch. You can also go for uniquely shaped candles for your big day, or go for a mix of small, long and tea-light candles. You can also use some LED fancy light to decorate the venue. These lights are available in different colors and shades. You can use these lights to decorate the entrance and even at the centre stage to add some more colors.

Decorate your tables differently: You can also decorate the tables differently. It is nice way to thank your guest and make them more comfortable. You can go for mini kabab sticks, mini fruit salad stick and paans and some other bite-size snacks on every table. Now, they don’t need to wait for food longer empty stomach. This concept will be loved by your guests as they need not to go from one stall to another to enjoy the starters.

Use hangings & drapers: To add some colors and some different theme you can mix hangings and drapes in your decoration. You can use different shaped and styled hangings in the venue like light hangings, candlelight hangings, flower hangings, some paper craft hangings, small umbrella hangings could also be used for decoration. Options could be plenty, but more important thing these hangings should match with your overall decoration theme. Similarly, you can use these drapers differently. Even these are available in almost all colors. You can use single color thing, twin color or multi-color theme based on your interest. So, before choose a theme decide whether you want to go for single color theme with multicolor hangings or vice-versa.

State traditional theme decoration: If you want to give a traditional touch to your wedding venue you can also use some state based traditional theme decoration. Some state based theme decorations of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Goa, Punjab could be used. You can have some traditional props at the wedding venue to give it realistic touch. Indian matrimony portal gives profiles of grooms and brides for Indian wedding. Find your life partner from thousands of matchmaking.


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